Why would someone fly a confederate flag?

The answer is often "to honor the fallen," but considering the fallen very direly believed that slavery was okay, you can compare that to honoring nazis or guards from Auschwitz.

What do people who fly the confederate flag really believe? Do they think the South had the right idea and long for the past? If they truly honor the fallen, why not honor those from the Union side who died?

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    I suppose the meaning would have much to do with the context. For some, it is a symbol of Southern pride. The flags of Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee are based on the confederate flag. Certainly, it could be taken as a symbol of hatred or racism as well. Again, that would depend on the situation. Some demonstrators have been using the flag as of late to display disdain toward our current government; much like a symbolic call for secession from the US, which, of course, is how the Civil War began.

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    Give me a break, Bearkat. I'm a Texan too, and if you want to look at the six flags over Texas, go to the theme park. Texas is no longer under any of those flags other than the American flag. We are part of America. The Confederate flag is a symbol of treason, so flying it is supporting treason. The Confederacy killed more Americans than Al Qaida. Think about it.

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    My family has always lived in the North so I don't have any particular affinity to the Confederate Flag. I see it as a symbol of States' Rights (State Sovereignty) and the meaning of the tenth amendment, which was a large part of the Civil War. I strongly believe in States Rights and there are many states who are reaffirming the tenth amendment right now.

    Michigan just passed a bill reaffirming the tenth amendment:


    Many others have active legislation.

    But I know that the flag has different meanings to different people. While some see it as a symbol for States' Rights, others see it as a symbol of rebellion, southern pride, racism, or honor to an ancestor that died in the Civil War. If I see someone flying it, I don't assume to know what the meaning of the flag has to that person.

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    The only reason,in my opinion, is because the Confedarate flag is sometimes associated with being a rebel and being a rebel has no racial boundries in the true sense. Unfortunately, the Confederacy were slave owners and that is why their flag is usually associated with slavery. This has been a subject for heated debate for many years.

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  • Anonymous
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    The South lost the Civil War. Losers fly the Confederate Flag.

    Speaks for itself.

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    maybe they just think its a nice flag?

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    Seems like it is just to aggravate you.

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