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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 decade ago

Scared to approach a girl i like because of akward silence, please help?

Well there is this girl who i know that likes me because she gets hela nervous when i get close to her. She plays with her hair when im behind her walking and she always looking at me. But im a super shy guy and i never approach a girl before :(. And although she is super shy to as i can tell by her reaction, she is really pretty and i never had a girlfriend.

So how do i approach this girl and start talking to her. I only see her in the hallways when im walking to my last class of the day. We go out the same way. So like what do i say to her after i say "hey"

Please help, i really want a girl-friend! espicially a pretty one.

*Im a senior and she a sophmore in hs.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    How about...try thinking of her as a friend first. This would help right? Just treat her as a friend and I am sure you will know what to say to a friend even if you are shy.

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  • till
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    3 years ago

    actual, ask her some thing absurd to make her snigger. Please use reliable judgement. transport is fundamental, despite the fact that her reaction is play off of it, and to close what you assert say, it relatively is cool to relatively communicate over with you, i'm putting out at ***sparkling*** on each and every occasion and became questioning in case you may % to come again. If she says sure, get the quantity, if she says no cool, it became the two you or my dogs, i presumed you would be the better determination for obvious reasons. Please say this with a grin, you may wreck out with plenty once you smile. wish that enables.

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