Can sumo wrestlers join UFC?



can they win against Brock Lesnar if they could join?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They can join if the meet the 265lb weight limit, but since sumo wrestlers are 0-3 ( Teila Tuli lost in UFC 1, Emmanuel Yarborough in UFC 3, and Koji Kitao in UFC 9) in the octagon I don't see them standing any chance against an absolute freak of nature like Brock Lesnar.

  • 1 decade ago

    If they can make the 265lbs Heavyweight limit and have a decent fight record in MMA, they could. However, pro sumo wrestlers have fared notoriously poorly in MMA. Their martial art is ultimately the art of pushing, which isn't a good way to win fights in MMA. And most are so big that their maneuverability is pathetic. It should be noted that UFC Light Heavyweight champ Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida has competed in sumo tournaments before; I believe he was a runner-up in some big event.

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    you don't join the UFC. You have to be a high level fighter, or in some cases simply have a fan base. That being said anybody can get to the UFC level Sumo wrestlers too if they can weight in at 265.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    any type of fighter can go into the ufc

    mixed martial arts isn't limited to any martial art

    in fact! lyoto machida, lhw champ of the world trained in sumo and used sumo in mma, watch the tito ortiz fight and one of the takedowns used was a sumo takedown! and we're talking a college wrestler!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes they can as long as they weigh under 265 pounds. 265 is the the limit for heavyweight, so they would have to be 265 or lower.

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    provided they fall within weight allowance they can. many sumo are simply too heavy. they exceed established weight classes.

    can they beat brock lesnar? hard to say. there are a few that can.


  • 1 decade ago

    sure but they can as long as they weigh under 265 pounds. 265 is the the limit for heavyweight, so they would have to be 265 or lower.

  • 1 decade ago

    They can but they will get their fat butts handed to them piece by piece.

  • Arlene
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    4 years ago

    UFC submission match? Is this a normal UFC fight or a grappling only match? Most Sumo are about say like 5'8" and like 300 lbs. A small UFC guy would probably be like 5'5" and 130's lbs. The UFC guy definetly has a great shot at beating the Sumo wrestler. One piece of evidence would be the Royce Gracie (at 6'1" 180 lbs. Brazillian Jiujitsu) vs. Akebono (6'8" 500 lbs. Sumo). This was a MMA match. Everybody knows Gracie as a good MMA fighter. Akebono was a legendary Sumo wrestler. Gracie beat Akebono on the ground (!) with a submission hold in one round! So, there's some proof. Another piece of proof is Keith Hackney (5'11" 200 lbs. White Tiger Kenpo) vs. ? Yarbrough (6'9" 500 lbs. about same size as Akebono. Sumo). Hackney moved around threw some kicks here and there. Sumo had a hard time catching him. Hackney finally throws an overhand palm strike and hits Sumo in the temple. Sumo goes down and Hackney just starts whailing on his head with his fists. Another match with Yarbrough was against an extremely small Japanese MMA fighter in the Pride Fighing Championships. This guy was like 140 lbs., very small. The Japanese just ran around in circles literally for minutes on end, a long time. Sumo got very tired and frustrated trying to catch him. Finally, Sumo fell on the ground somehow and the little Japanese guy fished him off with strikes. So, there is some real life proof of a small MMA fighter beating a big Sumo. Some Sumo fighters are much quicker than those 2 men though. In fact, most Sumo are faster than these men and much smaller. If the Sumo is only trained in Sumo he is toast. The Sumo fighter could maybe get a throw and take the smaller UFC fighter down. That is all the Sumo fighter is trained to do. The UFC/MMA fighter is well trained in many different things. He can box, kick, throw knees, elbows, takedown, throws, armlocks, groundandpound, leglocks, etc. The UFC fighter would also be very quick being so light. He could literaly run circles around Sumo. Sumo comes out trying to palm strike the ufc fighter (Sumo has those puch/palm strikes they use). The ufc fighter stays elusive. He throws kicks and punches, sticks and moves. Sumo is hit hard with those strikes and grows frustrated and discouraged. Finally a strike breaks through and knocks the Sumo wrestler down! The ufc fighter pounces on Sumo and whails away. The Sumo fighter tries to resist but is just being pounded mercilessly. The ufc fighter finally grabs one of Sumo's flailing arms and armbars him for a submission win. In a pure grappling match....A sumo wrestler could probably get the takedown/throw. They are very skilled at doing this, and his size and strength would help him even more. The ufc fighter accepts the takedown. On the ground Sumo has no submissions and is too big too move from position to postion easily. The ufc fighter takes advantage and after a little effort with different positons finds a sumbission. Sumo wrestler loses. Ufc fighters are just waaay too skilled to beat by a pure Sumo wrestler.

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