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Betty Hsu asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

envy, jealou 有何不同????????????


"envy" 和"jealous"


"shiver"和 "shake"



"adequate" 和 "suitable"

"significant" 和 "important"

" a fraction of " 和 "a part of"

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  • candy
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    1 decade ago
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    "envy" 和"jealous"



    He was filled with envy at my success.他十分羡慕我的成功(envy是名詞)

    I envy your good fortune. 我羡慕你的好運(envy是動詞)

    Jealous是形容詞. A jealous husband妒嫉的丈夫. Jealous looks妒嫉的樣子.

    I am tired of all these jealousies and quarrels. 我已經厭倦這些妒嫉和爭吵的情情了.


    sparkle 和twinkle都是閃閃發光,閃爍,都有快速閃動的意思,都是不及物動詞.兩字皆可為互用.

    Her diamonds sparkled (twinkled) in the bright light.她的鑽石在亮光下閃閃發光.

    Her eyes sparkled (twinkled) with excitement. 她的眼睛由於興奮而發亮.

    "shiver"和 "shake

    Shiver可以是不及物動詞或名詞, 是顫抖的意思.(由於冷或害怕引起的發抖)

    A shiver ran down her back.她的背脊打了一股冷顫.(shiver是名詞)


    He was shaking with cold.他冷得打擅.

    They were badly shaken by the news. 那消息令他們大為震驚.


    shake up a bottle of medicine. 搖勻一瓶藥. (shake something up搖動使均勻)

    break medicine to shivers. 把藥打碎.(名詞,碎片)

    2009-09-25 12:05:44 補充:

    "adequate" 和 "suitable"

    adequate 是形容詞, 具有satisfactory令人滿意的,符合要求的, sufficient足夠的之意.

    Are you getting an adequate wage for the work you’re doing?你目前工作的待遇是否令你滿意?

    2009-09-25 12:06:04 補充:

    "adequacy是名詞, 同suitable,有適任之意.

    He often doubts his adequacy as a husband and farther. 他常常懷疑自己是不是一個夠格的丈夫及父親.

    suitable 是形容詞,適宜的,恰當的意思.

    That man is not suited (suitable) for teaching. 那人不適合教書.這句的suitable也可換成adequacy.

    2009-09-25 12:07:16 補充:

    "significant" 和 "important"

    significant和important都是形容詞, a special meaning, important 具有特殊意義的,重要的之意. 可以互用.

    Few things are not more significant (important) of a man’s interests than the books on his shelves. 很多事情比不上那些書架上的書對那人的深具意義.

    2009-09-25 12:09:43 補充:

    " a fraction of " 和 "a part of"

    A fraction of=a part of 不完整的,部份的,是形容詞片語,=partial, 兩者可以互用.

    2009-09-25 12:10:32 補充:

    We spent a fraction of our holiday in France.我們假期的一部份是在法國度過.

    2009-09-25 12:11:53 補充:

    " a fraction of " 和 "a part of"

    A fraction of=a part of 不完整的,部份的,是形容詞片語,=partial, 兩者可以互用.

    We spent a fraction of our holiday in France.我們假期的一部份是在法國度過.

    We spent a part of our holiday in a fraction of the country we had never visited before. 我們假期的一部份是在一個之前沒去過的國家的一部份中度過.

    2009-09-25 13:41:24 補充:

    "adequat" 和 "suitable"

    "significant" 和 "important" 寫在補充裡,妳有看到嗎?

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    "adequat" 和 "suitable"

    "significant" 和 "important"

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