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white people awards?? is it wrong?

Why is it okay that we can have a latino awards but if we had a white people awards it would be raciest? Please give more examples and arguments

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    They way I look at it is if Latino's can have their OWN award show, why would it be racist if we did it? It would though, but too many people pulls the race card.. *cough, cough KAYNE WEST..*

    And like Paul said.. there is the

    BET channel.. Black Entertainment..

    I think it would be right since they DO have their own channels and awards show.. But we are the only ones who thinks that..

    Source(s): Star for you.. That was an interesting question. I have never once thought of that!
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    I can see racial profiling of awards shows once upon a time when ethnic groups were breaking into businesses that they had every right to be noticed for. Once upon a time, we did live in a white mans world.

    I think the only white rapper who was ever accepted was that MNM dude or whatever he calls himself. Would he get an award if the only requirement was being black? That wouldn't be very fair considering he puts on one great show from what I hear. Now should they hold the white rapper awards just because the minority of rappers are white.

    In acting, would one hire a latino if the role called for a Asian actor. How about best actor period. I seriously doubt the entertainment business of all businesses is racist. They just want to make money.

    There are plenty more examples of segregating whites from other races outside of awards shows. Education and poverty is a fine example. I know several out of work white people who can't qualify for job training and their Mexican and black friends are calling foul for them because they did qualify because of race. One white girl I know claimed to be an American Indian just to get accepted into college after over 40 rejection letters. She finally made it.

    Source(s): Just from what I am observing from a very diverse circle of friends who all see what is happening.
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    ugh i know what you mean.

    theres BET channel (Black Entertainment Channel) but no WET, "White Entertainment Channel".

    Why not?? Why cant there be a "White Entertainment Channel"?? seriously. why the heck not?

    my aunt was up against a latin woman for a really good job at the hospital and guess who got the job? Not my aunt! My aunt got a letter saying the hospital needs to hire a certain % of latino's and my aunt has 30+ years experience!!

    pisses me off so much

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    Yeah, we know, there is a lot of reverse prejudice. And you will see a lot of pink people who just laugh it off when they are being put down or don't say a word thinking it's normal or okay.That's why.

    Personally I have never understood the applications that have a box for African Americans who are third or fourth or fifth generation Americans. Would that make me a Lithuanian American and where the hell is my box?? Or what about the pink guys from Africa who move here? Are they African Americans?

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    Black Entertainment Channel - there isn't a white entertainment channel

    Black History Month- there isn't a white history month

    ect, you could go on forever....

    it is racism

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    Who is the head white guy ? I mean you have Yankee Daddy and Kayne West, but who represents whites ?

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    No you already have the CM Awards & MTV Awards XD LoL!!!! why are you bringing race up anyways

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    there isnt anything wrong with it, but do you want to be the one to bother argueing it to get it approved? haha what white person cares enough to do something about it and convince everyone else it's ok.

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    It shouldn't be but I don't doubt it would be called racist.

  • you'd just have to tweak the name.

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