Why does Canada like their Health Care System?


The vast majority

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    1 decade ago
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    I wasn't going to answer but some answers are getting me mad.

    I am Canadian and I live abroad and sell medical insurance. Let me clear it up.

    1. The Canadian system is not perfect.

    2. The Canadian system is so far ahead of America that when we talk about improving it, the last hing anyone is thinking about is the US.

    3. I sell insurance. It's a crock. I make good money, but I always tell the truth. UHC is much better.

    4. I am sick of teenage Americans coming on here and lying about they know Canadians that hate their system. Canadians like it, read the polls.

    5. the last stat I could find (from 92) showed 600,000 Americans per year crossing our borders to filch healthcare because they were rejected for treatment in the US.

    6. Canada spends 10% of it's GDP on UHC. The US spends 16% on medicaid and the people still need to buy insurance.

    7. We live longer because when we are sick we go to the hospital and fix problems before they become to large (and expensive) to handle. There are no pre-existing conditions, no exclusions, no typos, no rejections, no papers that need to be filled out while your bleeding or vomiting before you can be admitted.

    8. Every country has waiting lines. Americans that think they don't have to wait have never been to a hospital. Do they think in the US there are magic doctors that can treat 100 patients at the same time? No insurance guarantees you move directly to the front of the line.

    9. The Americans are not attempting to create a Canadian style system. They are evil geniuses honestly. All this talk of change has been a smokescreen created by the insurance companies and government to force the poor to buy insurance thereby "solving" the problem of 40% having no insurance and injecting a whole lot more money into the insurance industry to prop it back up. They both win. AIG gets 10's of millions of new under-insured clients it will never have to pay out claims to and the US government gets something like $1,000 if they don't pay. Making it almost illegal to not buy insurance is NOT UHC.

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  • Mommy
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    1 decade ago

    Thumbs up to Fizzy Bubbler!!!

    To those Americans on here saying Canadians don't like our health care, speak for yourself. I love our health care system in Canada! Do you know why? Because everyone here is covered, no matter what their socio-economic status! My parents were self employed and never had insurance for themselves. When my dad had cancer, it didn't matter. He got the same level of treatment that someone who had buckets of money or someone who had insurance (in the US) would have gotten. And you know what? He went from initial diagnosis to a specialist to surgery and to treatment in the time span of a little over a week.

    Here is a TRUE story of someone working in the health care field in Canada (not some BS from some American). My best friend is a radiation therapist in our local cancer centre. I asked her recently if there was a wait list for treatment where we live. She said that there are no wait lists for treatment, MRI's, or specialist visits. She also said that she would never want to work in a country where every citizen was not guaranteed treatment if they were sick. Oh, and she makes $35/hour and started just over a year ago. So to those Americans who think that Canadian medical professionals are underpaid, she works in an area that requires a 2-year diploma (i.e. she's around the same level as a nurse) and makes around $70,000 per year.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are 30 million people in Canada and 300 million people in America. The health care systems cannot be compared it's like comparing Mayberry to the city of Los Angeles. It doesn't matter.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Having lived in both Europe and Canada I've found that the people who don't mind the health care plan are people who are relatively healthy and don't need to see the doctor much. They're not thrilled with the taxes of course, but like the idea that they'll have "free" care if they need it.

    The problem comes when they need care. They've paid into the system for years, maybe decades and then they get sick and can't get in for a CAT scan for 6 months - unless, of course, they break the rules and pay for it themselves at a private doctor's office.

    Sending along a link for a good video on health care that proposes a different idea.

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  • zamoro
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    3 years ago

    what's the objective of Canada's well being care equipment? In economics you may study a unfastened marketplace economic equipment and become attentive to precise marketplace failures. individuals have on that record of issues they intervene in issues like Policing, hearth branch, roads, bridges, and different infrastructure, Libraries, public transit, and post place of work. For some reason the u . s . a ., fails to verify that well being care is a unfastened economic equipment marketplace failure. Canada, like a majority of western unfastened economic equipment markets do no longer desire to place a cost tag on well being matters and experience different issues might desire to be seen different than fee and affording the fee. We placed greater fee on lives than income. Why is there plenty talk of Canada's well being care in contemporary information? via fact the u . s . a . is finally thinking a Helath care equipment. Canada is the closest usa geographically to the U. S.. in spite of the indisputable fact that, that's a dumb assessment via fact the equipment isn't something like what the U. S. might desire to look like. individuals might desire to look in any respect structures no longer in basic terms Canada. Why no longer look at united kingdom, France, Germany, and so on. and so on. Canada's greatest project is that's an excellent usa with a small inhabitants. That consequences what number hospitals and how properly equiped they're - the expenses shoot up. the U. S. might desire to be comparing to international places with better populations for one. that's merely approximately an arguement controlled with the aid of the wealthy opposed voices. evaluate in basic terms to Canada via fact which you will discover some flaws you may exagurate here, Plus you have the desire to make it look like Canada is the equipment this is a minority interior the international while that's the u . s . a . this is the uncommon exception to how coutries opperate. Who would be impacted with the aid of the determination to offer well being care? in general people who won't have the ability to have the money for the present equipment, and those gouging earnings from the present equipment (drug agencies, coverage companies, docs, and so on) Why must you be concentrated on the well being care concern? via fact it would desire to ensue to you sooner or later. You get sick and the two won't have the ability to have the money for the therapy, or you bypass bankrupt to have the money for the therapy.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They don't. Just like Iraqis don't appreciate us in there country, but the media spins it in a way that changes our perception. This process is no different than marketing. The reason for this is because the new health-care plan will be a 3.5% taxation (to add to the already 30-50% taxation on Americans). If people see a "success" in a neighboring country, they're more likely to accept such a policy (which would benefit private sector more than citizens).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because its reasonable cost - not free, you pay taxes, but not crazy expensive like US health care - it ranges from good quality to top rate - its available to everyone. And if you want to pay for faster service, you can (at least here in Quebec you can - its not illegal any more).

    And BTW there's quite a few Americans that come to Canada for health care because even though they pay, they pay less than they would in the US and get just as good care.

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  • 1 decade ago

    @Shrieking Panda

    The British National Health Service is most popular with people who have actually recently used it.


    UNISON has recently responded to some of the blatant inaccuracies spread by some American sources regarding Britain's NHS and NICE.


    Cancer Research UK respond to some of the blatant inaccuracies spread by some American sources regarding US/UK Cancer Statistics,


    Professor Darzi, Chair of surgery at Imperial College London has recently written an article in the Washington Post in defence of Britain's National Health Service.


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  • 1 decade ago

    There are medical clinics set up on the US side of the border just to service Canadians who refuse to wait in line to get any kind of attention.

    I would say those that can afford to hate Canadian HC and opt out and come to the US for treatment.

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  • Sarah
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    1 decade ago

    Because they are never turned away by HMO's, they are never charged outrageous fees, and since NHC has been installed, there have been NO cases of medical bankruptcy in Canada, or the UK, or France, or Spain, or Japan, etc. While in the US, more than 45,000 people die due to lack of HMO coverage and 700,000 people per year who HAVE insurance file for medical bankruptcy.

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