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Brief pain/heat near left eye area.?

I keep getting a brief pulsation and a little bit of heat near my left eye. It's not directly from the eye, but rather around that area. It goes away after maybe 3 seconds at max, but then comes back after a lot of hours or the next day. I think it's recently become more frequent, it's happened twice today (I noticed this happening about three days ago). I hope it's nothing serious, but can anyone confirm what this is?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I'm not medically licensenced, but when my glaucoma started out, I would get pain like that from an increase in intraoccular pressure. It was also accompanied by a blurriness of vision, and yes, a slight warming sensation. My glaucoma was caused by 4 steroid injections in 3 months--too close together and the 3rd time I had 2 at once. It was to treat a shoulder injury.Now I will go blind because I had an overzealous Dr. that lied to me and is a fkg jerk. I don't have the money to sue. I don't even have the money for the medication to lower the pressure. Go see an opthamologist.

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