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how safe is the london underground?

My boyfriend and I live far away from eachother. He moved to Milton Keynes and im from Cardiff. But we agreed to stay with eachother. We go see eachother as often as we can and we use the trains. Well its my turn to go see him and i really don't like travelling up there again, i don't mind being on my own but its just too long but i do it for him. Anyway from Cardiff to MK i change trains 4 times and the waits are like 20mins! It really takes the p!ss. But I could change just twice but that means having to go on the London Underground and im so scared of using the tube. I can go from Cardiff straight to London Paddington then on the Tube to London Pancrase then straight to MK.

If i leave at 7am i arrive there around 11:30am if i choose to use the tube. If again i choose to not use the tube and stay on the trains i leave at 7am and arrive around 4:30pm!! I really wanna go on the underground but im scared of it, not going underground but im scared of the people. I would be stuck underground with people from London and on the tube you sit opposite eachother and i can't have someone staring at me opposite, and i might not even have a seat because the tubes are normally packed with full of people and it gets soo hot. But i just wanna know with you lot, is the London underground as bad as i think it is? I won't get murdered of raped would i if i used the tube? It sounds and looks so scary, but its the people im worried about. You all know what Londoners are like, i don't mean to insult you Londoners but im talking about gangs of teenagers on the tube. Ahh please help :(

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    London underground is probably one of the safest forms of transport in London after Taxis/Cabs trust me gangs dont operate in the tube. The only day I can say you may find trouble is on Notting Hill carnival which has since gone and happens once a year.

    London is not as bad as you think and I live in one of the worst parts, Hackney. In my area you wont even see gang members on the streets because of dispersal orders and their not being seen by other enemies. The amount of CCTV. Gangs usually hang at in homes and have their youngers sell drugs and drtive around. Your not going to be wondering around the streets of inner London anyways youll be on the underground trust me its safe too much CCTV and people for you to be scared.

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    London Underground Safety

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    I worked as a driver on the underground including the line you would use from Paddington to Euston Square. ( short walk from there to Euston mainline station for Milton Keynes.) You should have no problem.

    These trains are full size trains and have windows at each end allowing viewing into and from adjacent carriages. There are a number of emergency alarm handles in each carriage to alert the driver. If part of the train is still in the station when the alarm sounds in the drivers cab, he will stop and investigate. Otherwise he will continue to the next station where assistance can be given. The driver has radio contact with the line controller. This person has an overview of where every train is on that line and has very fast access to all the emergency services. Remember that on a train in a tunnel, not a station, there is very limited means of escape. That's why assaults and muggings are few.

    On one occasion while driving on a different line, I was told to stop at the next station with only my cab in the platform. A report had been received by the controller that a passenger had been attacked. When I stopped many police got in the train through my door. The rest of the train was still in the tunnel. The thug had no way of knowing police were on the train and no way of getting off when he did realise. They arrested him and then I brought the rest of the train into the station and opened the doors. In fifteen years That's about the worst incident and no one was hurt.

    Source(s): Carrer as underground train driver
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    First of all, I am very sorry that you have such a fear of London tubes. I do understand. However, I use them a lot, and there are plenty of buttons to push and cords to pull if you do get worried. But also, quite a lot of people will actually help you, because they understand the nervousness. I have tried to find out the number of journeys when incidents have happened against the number of journeys people have taken when nothing at all has happened, but so far I've had no feedback. However, I think 9 journeys out of 10 go without incident. Travel in daylight. Look for the emergency things. Ask for help if you have to. You should not be put in a position where you are frightened. Security has been tightened up. CCTV is everywhere. I will pray that you will be kept safe. XX

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    Yes the London underground is safe around 8pm at night as there is lots of other people travelling at that time of night. Most tube stations are well lit, have recorded CCTV and also a number of help points should you need assistance. Just bare in mind that the most common type of crime on the tube is pick pocketing so keep an eye on all your bags keeping them zipped up all the time and keep you valuables such as your purse in your front pockets or inside coat pockets to make it difficult for someone to pick pocket you. Also plan your journey/return journey out in advance and have you ticket ready to hand instead of looking through your bag for it. I've also attached a link to the TFL website which has more safety tips

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    Its far safer to travel on the underground than flying.

    Anyway the times that you are traveling should be totally safe.

    I have caught the last tube train at night and it's been very quiet - I was more worried once I got off the tube and returned to street level.

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    You're worried about nothing. Its Euston Station (Euston Square Underground Station) you need to go to from Paddington; not St Pancras. If you don't want to use the tube, you can catch a 205 bus from outside Paddington Station in Praed Street to Euston

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    You have nothing to fear from the London Underground. The travellers on it are just normal people like you. But you will if you try to travel to Milton Keynes from St. Pancras. The trains go from Euston to that town.

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    I've never had a problem using the tube. It does get hot but summer's gone now i think. London's just a bigger version of Cardiff with better shops.

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    if you go in the day time there is nothing to worry about.

    besides, how often do you here about muder happening in the london tubes? people aint gonna try and do anything to you on a train full of witnesses are they.

    anyway its up to you if its scares you too much dont do it because you never know.

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