For those that are opposed to health care reform.?

For those that are opposed to health care reform.?

Obviously on the news there has been a lot of talk on the news regarding health care reform.

Without actually getting into quotes and polls, it seems that a strong majority (70ish%) of Americans want sometime type of reform.

There also seems to be consensus between the Dems and the Reps in congress on "80%" of the bills being written and the one that is wrote.

Now there may be other sticking points but the one that is most talked about is the public option.

For those against the public option, why are you opposed?



I think the Pres. wants to have competition between states when he talks about the menu. Also the public option would be paid for by those that choose it and not all the tax payers.

So if it would be paid for by only those that choose it, would you support it?

Update 2:


I agree that it could possible drive private insuranse companies out of bussiness. But there are numerous arguments why this would not be such a bad thing- so with out getting into that would you support limits on profits of insurance companies much like public utilities?

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    Currently there are over 17,000 different Insurance Companies with approx 140,000 different types of coverage plans. The best our government can come up with is ONE more to promote 'competition'?

    Allow companies to compete across state lines to promote REAL competition.

    Government Plan = 1 Trillion Dollars.

    My Plan = Free

    That's just one reason. I could list the forced TAX some will pay, or the list of taxes in a Buacus Bill that I don't like. The fact it covers abortions and illegals.

    My main concern is the massive spending in a recession though. This causes more problems than it solves.

    Edit: No. Wording on H.R. 3200 is directly in line with setting up a single payer system. Forcing private companies out of business. (More unemployment?) Private companies will drop private healthcare providers for the government option since they would have to pay less and are FORCED to offer it. This by will move onto the American people by having fewer choices, if any choice is given. Page 135 clearly states what I'll have to pay should this happen. I will be forced to pay 11% of my pay to the Heathcare Bill. Or I can opt out and pay 2.5% of my total annual income at the end of the year. Either way the cost is over double what I pay now.

    No company can compete with another that doesn't have to show any profit. The government takes in taxes and allocates to a loosing program. Look at social security or the post office or medicare. They don't have to show any profit, but we still pay for them.

    Releasing the private sector and opening up more choices to the american people will drive down costs considerablely.

    Edit#2: No. The Federal Government was not put in place to regulate any of the private sector. Now, I do agree that we need federal laws to help bind states together. However, comsumer costs have always been driven up when the government drives into it's affairs. Tax this, regulate that, subsidise that and now building a car is a painful process to do. Always the cost increases dealing with the pains are passed onto the consumer.

    In no way should the government tell anyone 'they make too much money'. It's not for them to decide, it's for consumers to decide. If people don't like someone goods and services, they won't buy it. End of story. Unleash the private sector concerning the health insurance industry as I describe and see how many people leave those giant corperations they have no choice but to choose and settle on the more cost effective companies out there. The 'big companies' will be forced to adjust their prices or go out of business. Plain and simple. Mine is just one simple answer. It costs the government nothing to do, why not try? Instead of a 1 trillion dollar deal.

    Edit#3: Grscraps, the overhead costs you don't see are because the government doesn't have to report to itself it's overhead costs. Obama wants to cut 800 billion of waiste out of Medicare. Sure, fine, who runs medicare? The government! Now instead of driving a little pinto named medicare, you want them driving a mack truck named ObamaCare? They can't even be trusted to run the little program, what makes you think that THIS time, they'll get it right? Have they ever got it right? No. FYI, Medicare fraud is at an all time high. People call 911, get an ambulance to take them to the hospital because they are out of aspirn. All on our dime. So by your mindset, instead of fixing what's already out there for the American people you'd rather spend another 1 trillion dollars? How many NSF tags come up on your bank account?

    The post office is running themselves out of business because consumers (dare I say, average americans) don't like their service! If the post office was a private company, they would have been out of business long ago. Late/damaged packages, long lines, unfriendly people, high costs, etc. etc. The only people worse than them is the DMV. That doesn't stop the government from using our tax dollars to keep them running. Why not cut that waiste and let the private sector handle shipping and mailing? How much would we save?

    Social Security is running at a loss, CNN money did an excelent report on that fact. It will run out of money in about a decade. This by you is 'running fine'? I paid into it my whole working career even to this day, and it might not be there when I wish to retire. Where is the security in that?

    Your just repeating what the Pro-Obama PR campaign people tell you to. No real fact searching or thinking for yourself. It's a shame really.

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    I just heard on talk radio that premiums could go up to 25% of your income by 2013 alone. And that's only the first year with the public option. To put that in perspective, premiums sit about 10% of your annual income today.

    But, I really don't like the health care plan because:

    1. I'm concerned a public 'option' will turn into the only option

    2. I don't think the government has the right to force people to have health insurance. They keep posting ads on the radio about "republicans don't want americans to have a choice with a public option!" But, the truth is, this plan takes away a person's choice. If forces everyone to have health insurance.

    3. I really am pleased with my health insurance right now. I'm worried my employer will drop insurance and pay the tax instead of provide insurance to employees. I don't think they'll do this because they're a great company that really cares for employees and they're at the top of the field so it would stupid to drop insurance and lose employees because of it.

    4. I should not have to pay for people who are less well off, irresponsible, or just plain lazy because the government thinks I should. That's my choice to make - not theirs. It's all about having a choice. The Declaration of Independence says we all have a natural right to life. But, I don't interpret that statement to mean others have to provide to sustain that life.

    5. I know entirely too many people who complain about having no health insurance when they could easily have it they wanted to sacrifice. I was without a job for 6 months and I paid $80/month for insurance. How did I do it? I was fiscally responsible when I did have a job and created an emergency fund. This is something more American's should have. Instead of eating at fancy chain restaurants and paying for 300 channels, they could cut-back and save. If I can do with monthly loan payments of $1000 and no job - I think they can do it too.

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    We already have enough competition in the insurance industry. If the government is another competitor in the market then they can make new rules that the other companies can't keep up with in essence making a monopoly. Monopolies are illegal for businesses they should be illegal for the government. Once they have a monopoly then you have no choice but to pay them what they want for the insurance and then if you choose no insurance they want to still make you pay. We have no bills to go by except the one they have released HR 3200 and it contradicts what Obama says that he wants. I would like to see the bill that Obama is talking about so that I can read it myself and then I could answer your question more fully. The truth of the matter is though that the liberals see a mega million dollar lottery and they want a piece of it. They already own most of the banks and mortgage companies and a couple of auto makers now they are wanting to bail the newspaper media out and take out the insurance companies. What's next? Are they going to start taxing us for how much air we breath or take over the fast food industry? Not to mention this is Insurance company reform not health care reform.

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  • Donna
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    I will leave it to others to give some of the reasons why we oppose HEALTH INSURANCE reform as proposed in Congress and pushed by our President. It is not HEALTH CARE reform no matter what they call it. That nasty old Constitution is a good enough reason for the federal government to not be in the insurance business. But you post a link. A BLOG written by a member of the House of Representatives using numbers with no sources. Numbers which do not match what has been cited by other members of Congress or the office of the President or the CBO. You need to do better.

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    ok. heres the thing. yeah, a lot of americans want SOME type of 'reform', but dont want to adopt systems they have in other countries (like canada, where the pop. is 1/10 the size it is here in the states) - that being said, there have ALSO been a lot of speeches done by obama, to try and sell this bill, right? but hes not really reaching both sides, which is what bothers a lot of people. if this bill is really as simple as theyre trying to make it be, it should only be like 20 pages long. but its over 1,000 pages. i think what a lot of people would like to know, is, legally - what will happen? and what COULD happen if this thing does get passed?

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  • I really think that those who agree with the over throw of Health Care are the same folks that voted for leaving Iraq before the SURGE was complete, the shut down of the Patriot Act before bringing it back, and the "Let's Talk" crowd of Mahmoud Ad(mad)inejad / Hillary Clinton after Iran's crushing of it's own people.

    Those of you who voted against George Bush rather than for Barack Obama now have the (CHANGE) you asked for.


    Elections have consequences...

    Source(s): Neville Chamberlain
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  • Anonymous
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    There is no doubt that reform is needed, I'm sure most agree regardless of party affiliation. However, the government has screwed up just about every public program to date. Why should we let them anywhere near our health care?

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  • 1 decade ago

    1, I don't want a health care system that gives better health care to Barney and Dodd with my money than I get.

    2, I do not want to pay for health care of people who shouldn't even be in this country.

    3, I don't want to pay for the health care resources devoured by drunks, junkies and welfare parasites.

    4, I just plain don't trust the government.

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  • I want a consensus to be made, but If we just give out free health care, it'd be like getting affordable homes to everybody. heh, good luck!! Though people aren't paying it exactly direct, the only way to pay it would be increased taxes for everybody. So, basically, free health care isn't something we can really do.

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    you speak about medicare, the post office and SSI yet all of these things still allow there to be a private sector in each field. Private insurance companies have survived and are very strong despite the existence of medicare. Fedex, DHL and UPS all exist even though USPS is still kicking. Private savings for retirement also are created and kept today by Americans even though we have the wonders of Social Security. YET ALL OF THESE PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS ARE VERY WELL RUN. In particular the medicare it runs on between 7%-47% less over head then any private insurance.


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