If you have been considering career in the CIA, has US AG Eric Holder's decision to prosecute change your mind?

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder previously postured to investigate and prosecute members of the CIA operating under orders with attorney approval who had engaged in "enhanced interrogation techniques" (e.g. water boarding) with a small group of terrorists after the 9/11 attack. Those interrogations during a time of war led to invaluable information that saved thousands of U.S. lives during the G.W. Bush administration.

Then comes the change of administration to Obama, appointing Eric Holder as the new U.S. Attorney General.

Under the premise that Bush is responsible for everything that is bad now in the United States, Eric Holder postured to investigate and potentially prosecute these CIA agents who obtained this information from terrorists, even though they were acting under approval from the ranking attorneys who had thoroughly investigated the definition of "torture", ruling that water boarding and other approved enhanced interrogation techniques proposed at the time were not illegal. Initially, new President Obama quashed the Attorney General's proposal to investigate and prosecute. Today (9/21/09), President Obama has changed his mind and WILL NOT prevent the Attorney General from investigating and potentially prosecuting, even though an investigation had already been performed and the few cases in question had been ruled without sufficient merit to pursue.

And indeed, the 7 past CIA Directors wrote a combined letter to President Obama to stop this investigation as it would potentially cause many of our intelligence sources overseas to lose faith in the U.S. intelligence community due to inconsistency. Today something is legal. But change the President, and now, everything is different such that you could be put in jail for doing something previously approved and ordered to do.

So if you are a high school student, college student, law enforcement professional, or other person potentially interested in joining the CIA, does this new development via U.S. Attorney General Holder now with complicity by President Obama, now cause you to want to CHANGE YOUR CAREER GOALS FOR FEAR JOINING THE CIA WOULD LAND YOU IN JAIL ONCE THE PRESIDENT CHANGED?

What do you think about this?

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    1 decade ago
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    obama and the fkng lib radicals are gutting the military and our clandestine services. wait till the next attack on our soil.9/11 will be like a picnic.

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Aren't officers of the CIA required to uphold the Constitution as well? perhaps not doing so is most of the problem given the disinformation foisted upon the media to enter Iraq? P.S. the vast resource of information since then seems to indicate that false confessions where not the ideal intelligence much as disinformation to enter a false war has proven to be. I prefer a just government though by no means condemn all CIA activity, merely their lack of culpability, at times.

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  • 3 years ago

    No data? Wow! the human beings who say there is not any data have their heads up their a$$e$! there has been 1000's of court docket circumstances suggested on genuine data that exhibits Bush is a bloodthirsty piece of **** and a traitor. Why didnt he get charged? government PRIVILEGE! "You cant can charge the President of united statesa. for against the regulation!" properly now hes not president anymore and his chum Obama who works for a similar human beings (Bilderburg group, Council on distant places relatives, and so on.) says that he would not even might desire to hide in the back of government privilege through fact Obama can pardon every physique he needs. If Bush went to court docket and each and all of the data have been laid out, He, Cheney, and their different Nazi pals could be hung like lower back contained in the Nuremburg trials. yet howdy.. Why might Obama desire to get Bush in hassle for doing a similar issues hes doing now? they're all scum.. and sooner or later whilst united statesa. starts off paying interest they pays for what theyve achieved.

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  • 1 decade ago

    no because burger flipping is like incarceration anyway

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