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Buy or Sell: Kanye West has never been murdered on his on ish, and usually murders others on their ish?

For reals, Kanye had the best verse on "Get Em High," "Spaceship," "Two Words," "Drive Slow," "Gone," "Diamonds (RMX)," and "Barry Bonds." And his verse is about even with J. Ivy on "Never Let Me Down," his 1st and/or 2nd verse is about even with Lupe's verse from "Touch The Sky." And his verse is even with Nas' on "We Major," but he had the better verse on "Still Dreaming" which was Nas' ish, but Nas been murdered before on his own ish i.e. Ludacris, and Kanye had the better verse on "Put On" by Jeezy too. I could go on and on about how many guest verses Kanye has done that he murdered, but I'm too lazy and want to see what your opinion on this?


Oh yeah, "Selfish" by Slum Village...Kanye killed that ish with his verse too.

Update 2:

Kanye out spit Common on "Southside." He also had the best verse on "They Say." He out spit Rhymefest on "Brand New." He had the best verse on Consequences "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly" and had the better verse on "Grammy Family." He also had the best verse on "Make Her Say." "Run This Town" as well. "Champions," "Get By (Remix)", etc. etc. And I'm forgetting some too.

Update 3:

@ ruckfules, Luda only did the hook!!!! You're dumb. Game needs a Kanye beat or 50 Cent hook to sell records.

Update 4:

@ ruckfules, you can read? I guess not because in additional details I mentioned Brand New.

Workout Plan? Dude, you're just pulling ish out your azz.

@ Gunslinger, I think Kanye and Nas were even on "We Major."

And as I said in the title, I said *usually* murders it on others ish.

BTW, this is just all opinion. But this is also why I don't understand the hate on Kanye as he is a above average rapper, and a great producer.

Update 5:

@ ruckfules, Kanye intro verse on workout plan remix sh*ts all over fonzworth's no delivery azz. He's about even with Twista's verse, and Kanye's second verse was re-used from the original song.

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    88 Keys - Stay Up

    The Game - Wouldnt Get Far

    Dilated Peoples - This Way

    Rick Ross - Maybach Music 2

    Lil' Wayne - Lolipop Remix

    Clipse - Kinda like a Big Deal

    Nice thread IK...I think my opinion is changed on you.


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    Are you serious with the Diamonds remix?

    That was one of Jay-Z's best verses of his career. The entire thing was a quotable. Hell that verse on its own is better than Kingdom Come and BP3.

    I also think Mos Def had the better verse on Two Words.

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    KRS-One killed Kanye on his own shiiiit, Classic. Wayne smashed Kanye on See you in my nightmares.Eminem smashed all the artists on Forever Remix. Kanye went soft on that Swagga Like Us from everybody else verse. Nas killed Kanye on that We Major. Mos Def sort of murdered Kanye on that Two Words. And Kanye didnt murder Wayne on that Barry Bonds. Kid Cudi held his own song down on that Make Her Say. Jeezy held his song down on that Put On. Wayne killed Kanye verse on that Maybach Music 2.

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    Buy and then give you some change. Kanye never has been in second, third or last place....the one thing he doesn't like to do is look like anyone else has "outdone" him in anything.

    Love Makes Everything Good

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    That's an interesting point, and I agree, kinda.

    I think Mos Def got him on Two Words.. and J.Ivy did better on Never Let Me Down. He didn't have the best verse on This Way by Dilated Peoples, IMO.

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    breath In Breath out

    he didnt murder Luda


    Wouldnt get far

    he didnt murder Game

    so he dosnt murder that well

    he almost never gets murdered tho so idk the first half is almost true

    i got one

    Workout Plan rmx* he was murderd on


    i might even say they got him on Grammy Family tho

    pretty sure on my I pod Luda has 2 verses it may be a remix tho cuz idk its from Limewire

    @ Instant Karma

    i hate all his 50 hook songs so that is irrelevant to me im more into Games* mixtapes

    and he could sell only 3 cds next record to come out and i would still play it


    kanye wouldnt be all that without producing Dreams

    nothing to say about the Workout Plan Remix ?

    Twista and Farnsworth matched his verse and overdid it imo

    sp have you not heard the workout plan remix

    or are you saying Kanye who had a shi* verse on that didnt get killed by 2 mediocer versess by bently and Twista

    thats whys i didnt count the second kanye verse ........

    and i think bently is severly underrated

    just beacuse people dont even view him as a rapper

    for not being a "quote" "rapper" its a little better imo

    and i think Twista killed him on it

    Source(s): dont foget he killed Rhymefest on More and Brand New pretty sure i dont read your retarded usally biased rants Krama thats why i mentioned Bran New again * means i changed it
  • na, he does murder other people a lot but on never let me down on the 1st album he gets beat by both features and on the diamonds remix he gets beat by Jay.

  • 4 years ago

    Kanye WAS the Song. Jay-Z got showed up on this one.

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    i think big boi had the better verse on spaceship. his voice is more listenable. kanye's had 5 good songs. and those 5 good songs were the 5 singles off his first album.

    nas beat kanye on still dreamin from hip hop is dead

  • 1 decade ago

    I guess, yeah, this is usually true.... doesn't change my opinion of Kanye.

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