Do prepaid phone cards work for all phones?

I have a phone that's not in service but i want it to be..but i don't want a phone plan because i have to sign a contract for two years. Do prepaid phone cards only work with tracfones?

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    Prepaid phone cards work with the same brand of phones.

    Tracfones work with Tracfone cards. Tmobile phones work with Tmobile cards. Verizon phones work with Verizon cards.

    The only exceptions are calling cards for long distance international calls which require you have a phone with that phone's own company providing minutes anyway to charge and add the long distance card rates too.

    For example: Net10 phone with 100 Net10 minutes at 10 cents each is $10. But you can buy a international long distance phone card from Att, Verizon to use over that so it would charge you like 5 cents a minute from Att to call another country but it would still use your Net10 minutes at the same 10 cent a minute rate for a total cost of 15 cents a minute.

    The other exception are called "universal prepaid wireless cards". They have a dollar amount and the names of several different carriers like Verizon prepaid, Tracfone, Att prepaid, Tmobile prepaid etc. But if the carrier is not listed, it will not work with them. These are rare.

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    Most of the calling cards work on any phone. Here is an example of the calling card comparison:

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