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Yu-Gi-Oh Trivia EASY 10 POINTS!?

Ok so i got bored enough yet again to hold another random event.

For this one its a Trivia game.

Rules are Simple first one to answer either the most correct first or answer all correct first wins an easy 10 points.


1. Name the only monster card (fusion) that is a perfect combination of the 2 monsters used to create it.

2. What are the 3 Alternative Win Conditions (VERY EASY QUESTION)

3. Name 3 cards that can destroy all cards on the field (both sides) that are not forbidden.

4. How many different versions (from different packs) are there of these cards. (Swords of Revealing Light, Mystical Space Typhoon and Call of the Haunted)

5. (THE FINAL QUESTION) - Name 3 Yugioh cards that were Intentionally made off of either a Cartoon Series or Video Game.

Good Luck all


currently our record for most correct is 2

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    1. Sanwitch

    2. Exodia, Destiny Board, Final Countdown

    3. Black Rose Dragon, Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua, Volcanic Eruption

    4. 11, 17, 11

    5. Doomkaiser Dragon (Cloverfield), Il Blud (Nightmare Before Christmas), Elemental Hero Terra Firma (Captain Planet)

  • 1. Baby Dragon and Time Wizard

    2. Destiny Board, Exodia, and depleting your opponent's life points.

    3. Black Rose Dragon

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Elemental hero Flame Wingman

    2. Exodia, Destiny Board, Mill

    3. Ojama Delta Hurricane, Huge Revolution, SHORT CIRCUIT (you used it on me! lol)


    Swords of Revealing Light- 12

    MST- 19

    Call of the haunted- 12


    Vampire Lord (Dracula)

    Destiny hero- double dude (Jekyll and Hyde)

    Elemental Heroes (American Superheroes)

    Source(s): duelist since 2002
  • 1 decade ago

    1.Baby dragon And Time wizard

    2. Exodia Final Destinanon And empty deck or or loose all life points

    You lost me on the rest

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