How do you know if you qualify for housing help?

This is my situation. My boyfriend went to jail for assault. Please, keep rude comments to yourself. Anyways, our income was put together which is how we afforded our apartment. Well, he is gone now and I am down to only my income which is under 1000 a month with two childten. How can I get housing help? Do I qualify? I tried to research it online but couldn't find any direct links to apply for help or find help.


Vancouver, WA

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    The housing authority will be able to tell you. You have to be working full time and make less then 50 or 60% of the median for your area.

    the BF is a problem though, he will not be allowed to live with you. If he is going to be released in less then a year after to obtain housing (expect it to take 2-5 years) they may deny you if he is the father of those kids.

    I will see if I cna find out where you go....

    The waiting list is presently closed, they are expecting to open it again in 4-5 years. So, until at least 2013 you will need to support yourself.

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    I am sorry to hear about your situation but I am quite sure that with two children and a low income you will be able to get help. Visit the DHS website and contact your local office and I am sure they will be able to help.

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    you need to call your local department of family and children office. try googling DHS. or your local WIC office. they can help guide to to where you would need to apply for that

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    Ms. K;

    sorry about your yesterdays!

    YOU need to tell me what state you are in and ideally your city

    cause RE prices are based on location.

    think: "lease option."

    available to guide u

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