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The best of the rest battles continues. Who would win the 01 76ers or the 76 Suns?

Being that these tournaments are becoming my speciality I decided to start another tournament with 32 teams. I call it the best of the rest. It consists of teams that had strong seasons, but not champions or championship contenders. For instance you won't see the 90's Knicks teams in this because they were contenders throughout the 90's. None of these 32 teams won an NBA title. A couple got to the finals but were completely overmatched by better teams.

Today's matchup is 01 76ERS VS 76 SUNS. Below are the lineups. This is a battle between 2 teams that were outmatched in the finals. .76ERS have homecourt in this BEST OF 5


01 76ERS - Bench

C - Dikembe Mutombo - F/C Matt Geiger

PF - Tyrone Hill - F Jumaine Jones

SF George Lynch - G Kevin Ollie

SG Allen Iverson - G Aaron Mckie

PG Eric Snow

76 Suns

C - Alvan Adams - F/C John Shumate

PF Curtis Perry - G Nate Hawthorne

SF Gar Heard - G Ricky Sobers

SG Dick Van Arsdale - G Keith Erickson

PG Paul Westphal

Below is the full list of teams and first round matchups in the full tournament.

BQ - Which of these matchups do you want to see next.

1) 04 T’Wolves 58-24 DEFEATED 32) 94 Denver Nuggets 42-40

2) 89 Cavs 57-25 DEFEATED 31) 07 Golden St. Warriors 42-40

3) 97 Atlanta Hawks 56-26 DEFEATED 30) 94 Miami Heat 42-40

4) 01 76ers 56-26 vs 29) 76 Phoenix Suns 42-40

5) 08 Hornets 56-26 vs 28) 93 Charlotte Hornets 44-38

6) 90 Spurs 56-26 vs 27) 91 Golden St. Warriors 44-38

7) 09 Nuggets 54-28 vs 26) 67 San Francisco Warriors 44-37

8) 83 Spurs 53-29 vs 25) Washington Wizards 45-37

9) 85 Nuggets 52-30 vs 24) 84 NJ Nets 45-37

10) 01 Bucks 52-30 vs 23) 06 L.A. Lakers 45-37

11) 05 Sonics 52-30 vs 22) 75 Chicago Bulls 47-35

12) 05 Rockets 51-31 vs 21) 84 NY Knicks 47-35

13) 07 Jazz 51-31 vs 20) 01 Toronto Raptors 47-35

14) 98 Hornets 51-31 vs 19) 70 Atlanta Hawks 48-34

15) 07 Cleveland Cavs 50-32 DEFEATED 18) 07 Chicago Bulls 49-33

16) 77 Houston Rockets 49-33 DEFEATED 17) 02 Celtics 49-33



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    I do recall seeing the 76 Suns in that final series against the Cetlics, and that triple overtime thriller is still the best NBA game I have ever seen. Between the back and forth play and the "rainbow shot" by Heard at the end of the second overtime, you just could not beat that game for sheer excitement.

    And speaking of Heard, I do believe that he would be a huge factor in this series, as he had a better shooting touch than either Lynch or Ollie. Of course, Iverson would score his usual 30+ each night, even with better defense from Westphal and Van Arsdale (very underrated player in his day). Ricky Sobers was also a very good guard who was just beginning to discover his game at this time.

    Where I give the Sixers a huge advantage in this series is up front. Although I did like Alvin Adams a lot and he had great hands for both shooting and passing, he will get outmuscled by Mutombo in this series, and the presence of Tyrone Hill just adds to the considerable edge in muscle and rebounding the Sixers have.

    Certainly, if the Suns get some hot shooting (especially from the outside, where they would be able to able to take advanatage of the 3 point shot, something they did not have in thier day), they would make it a great series, but I stick with the old-school thought that defense wins in the playoffs and this would be the case here.

    Philly in 4.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The 76 Suns team was a pretty good team. I am a big Gar Heard fan as he went to Oklahoma University which is my favorite college team. Gar Heard was extremely talented and a great small forward in his era. Paul Westphal was a steady point guard and could run his team well and also led his team in scoring. Also at Center Alvin Adams also from OU was also pretty good even though this was his rookie year. Their bench was not too bad but wasn't great.

    As far as the Sixers go I think Allen Iverson would be too quick and would have his way with any of Phoenix's defenders. I think Eric Snow would do an OK job on Westphal. However I like Gar Heard getting his way against Lynch or Jones. Alvan Adams would struggle against a more experienced and great defender in Mutombo. Bench edge goes to probably the Sixers. I like the overall Athleticism and defense of the Sixers to beat this Suns team as well as Iverson's scoring ability. I think the Sixers win this series in a competitive 5 games.

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  • Rob K
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    1 decade ago

    Don't overlook this Suns team. They went to the Finals in '76 and played what many experts believe is "the greatest game ever played" in a triple OT loss to the Celtics who'd go onto win the series. With three solid big men in Adams, Gar Heard and Curtis Perry all averaging nearly 10 rebounds a game. Paul Westphal was a fairly potent scorer in the mid-to late 70s, who might be able to keep pace with Allen Iverson. Dick Van Arsdale was also a solid contributor.

    As for the Sixers, this was Larry Brown's greatest achievement in my mind. He built the system the only way he could be done. Around the scoring prowess of Allen Iverson; he surrounded him with tight lockdown defenders who were more then happy to delegate scoring duties to Iverson. Eric Snow was an oft-overlooked defensive stalwart of the early 2000s, as was the all-hustle George Lynch. To go along with these defenders, was the ultimate-defender at the time, Dikemebe Mutombo who was Defensive Player of the Year in 2001 as well.

    I like the Sixers here behind Iverson's scoring as I don't believe Van Arsdale would be able to contain him despite having a size advantage. Iverson was at his career peak in 2001, not many defenders were holding him under 30; especially not in that years playoffs where he went off for over 50, possibly 3 times. Homecourt advantage also sways the series to the Sixers in the final Game 5.

    Sixers 3-2

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    This is hard, because the Suns had more players that were good, and the 76ers had 2 players that were GREAT, and the rest were below average.

    Paul Westphaul was great, Dick Van Arsdale was great, one of my favorites..

    Put Allen Iverson and Mutombo were also very very VERY good that year. Eric Snow and Dikembe Mutombo make this a very good defensive team, and with the non stop offense that Iverson brings, I have to give it to the 76ers in 5.

    3-2 76ers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    01 76ers would win.

    BQ: 01 Bucks 52-30 vs 23) 06 L.A. Lakers 45-37

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  • 1 decade ago

    I actually like the 01 76ers here

    Source(s): King Of NJ
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  • 1 decade ago

    back then- boston would wipe them both out, i like the 1 team,, just to be there.

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