any way around oil based alkyd paint allergies?

I recently painted the wood paneling in my living room using an oil based alkyd paint. Now I can't go a day without using benadryl... Any ideas on working around this without stripping the paint? (sealants, etc...)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    prime it with an oil water based paint than use water base paint over it

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    The VOC's (volatile organic compounds) in the paint are probably causing your problems. That's the "new paint smell" that you get when you walk into the room. Paint films release these compounds as they dry, and over time the rate of release drops to effectively nothing.

    By promoting air flow though your living room and out of the house, you will not only remove the compounds from the air, but the lower level will actually accelerate, or pull, the remaining compounds out of the paint. So when the weather permits, open a couple of windows and get some cross ventilation going. Fans will help.

    Another method would be to purchase an air ionizer. These units are very effective at scrubbing cigarette smoke and other odors out of the air. You could set it up in the middle of the room and let it run continuously for a week or so . The power consumption is small and there is no safety hazard, but just to be sure, don't spend all day in the room.

  • 4 years ago

    That's why I don't use it. I even hated to sell it to customers. But ,Yes ,you can use water based paint over oil based primer,just not water based paint over oil based paint. Or oil based paint over water based paint. Oil or Water based paint over Oil or Water Based primer is Ok. I'm Now confused,how about you? (Not really)

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