So, how about them Trolley Dodgers?

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    The Dodgers have a long and rich tradition from their days in Brooklyn. Guess Walter O'Malley kept the name Dodgers because he didn't want to insult the fans in Brooklyn any further when uprooting the "Bums".

    But consider some other professional sports teams which moved from their original cities and never changed the nicknames.

    Some just do not match the local attractions of the city they are now in:

    LA Lakers (from Minneapolis)

    Memphis Grizzlies (from Vancouver, BC)

    Utah Jazz (from New Orleans)

    St. Louis Rams (from Los Angeles - no correlation even to LA)

    LA Clippers (from San Diego - same ocean)

    Golden State Warriors (from Philadelphia)

    Other teams which did not change their names after moving to a new city do not stand out as much:

    Atlanta Braves (from Milwaukee and Boston)

    Oakland A's (from Kansas City and Philadelphia)

    Arizona Cardinals (from St. Louis and Chicago)

    Oakland Raiders (same name used in Los Angeles)

    There are others; these are the ones that come to mind now.

    Add: Dodgers will win the NL West, but could have difficulty in the playoffs with an inconsistent pitching staff. Maybe their offense will carry them into the NL Championship Series.

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    LA once had trolleys too.

    The name, Dodgers, has endured and been around longer than the Yankee ball club.

    LA Dodgers are looking good this year as Joe Torre proves again, that he is a great manager.

    Go Dodgers.

  • 4 years ago

    The Dodgers have been on no account referred to as the "Trolley vehicle Dodgers," that became right into a recognition that became into supply to the citizens of Brooklyn. in the early 1900's, Brooklyn became right into a mattress room community for great apple, and there have been trolley vehicles engaged on each and every highway, and for the citizens to get from one component of the line to the different, they had to "stay sparkling of" the trolley vehicles. subsequently, the call "Dodgers" grew to alter into synonymous with Brooklyn, and became into the call that became into given to the baseball group. Why they stored it whilst they moved to l. a., I have no concept, regardless of the shown fact that that's a recognition synonymous with Brooklyn, and long island city. The Dodgers have been initially referred to as the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, the Superbras, and the Robbins, (named after the guy who owned them.)

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    They were never officially called the 'Trolley Dodgers'.


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