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Anonymous asked in 娛樂與音樂音樂其他:音樂 · 1 decade ago

我想找一首歌 快歌 英文的 20點

如題 之前在撞球館聽到 我想找這首歌

是英文的 只不過 我英文很爛





但是是英文 =///=


喔媽居 哩斯媽居 斯逼了趴踢ㄟ 恩了ㄟㄧ



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  • 1 decade ago
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    Flo Rida Feat. Will.I.Am- In the Ayer


    [Chorus (Will.I.Am, x2):]

    Oh hot damn, this is my jam

    Keep me partyin to the A.M.

    You all don't understand

    Make me throw my hands in the

    ayer, ay, ayer, ayer, ay, ayer

    [Verse 1: Flo-Rida]

    Hey this my jam, you all don't understand

    I'll make you understand

    what's pumping in my CD player, player

    probably all night like yayer yayer

    Shawty got her hands in the ayer, ayer

    Make me wanna take you dayer

    There I go here I go here is my song

    DJ bring it back come in my zone

    I get paid for them couple bones

    The next wop until the early morn

    I need that crunk when I'm up in the club

    Even my when my Chevy pull up on them dubs

    Give me that drop yellow waist like a drug

    Little mama hot and she might show me love

    O hot damn

    Celebrate to the A.M

    I love it so much it got me saying

    [Chorus (Will.I.Am / Tiffany Villarreal, x2)]

    [Verse 2: Flo-Rida]

    Hey, hey I might just start the wave

    Like I'm at a ball game do my thang

    Hands up high, I got money in the bank

    I'm so fly 747 pain

    Rock it no stop it how I got my name

    Baby keep popping, you might get the fame

    Walk the red carpet won't see you the same

    I get the stunting forget my name

    Ride with me

    Ride with me

    Represent the city vibe with me

    Make me throw it up ma timid in the club

    Go ahead throw it up gotta wonder

    How much to show enough to stare (stare)

    I'm hood so it's really unfair (unfair)

    Shorty go ahead and get bare (bare)

    We ain't gonna treat our city like the mayor (mayor)

    [Chorus (Will.I.Am / Tiffany Villarreal, x2)]


    Alright now stop

    oh, put your hands in the ayer

    it's a stick (a stick up, stick up)

    it's a stick up, just to the ceiling, man

  • 1 decade ago

    我不知道是不是這首 因為我念起來好順


    SS501 的 似曾相識


    Source(s): 自己
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