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What happened to ESPN Classic on Directv?

The DirecTv message says "channel not purchased." ESPN Classic has been in my package for years, now it's gone. Oh yeah Versus channel is gone too, maybe time to try Dish Network...?

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    ESPN Classic was substituted with ESPNU on Channel 614 in their Total Choice and Total Choice Xtra packages; according to DirecTV, it was Disney that prompted the change, preferring to emphasize and showcase ESPNU over Classic. This was apparently announced earlier this summer and was scheduled to take place at the beginning of football season. The changeover itself was rolled out over the past couple of weeks; some areas of the country started losing ESPN Classic around September 9, others like my area lost it overnight.

    ESPN Classic has become part of DirecTV's Sports & Premier packages (which of course is extra-cost). Personally, I can do without all of Classic's vintage pro wrestling and bowling programs, but I am going to miss some of their Instant Classic rebroadcasts. Also the location of ESPNU isn't as convenient as the Classic location is (208); hopefully DirecTV will see fit to revise the lineup location to reflect ESPNU's newly established, wider viewer base.

    As for Versus, it's been removed--hopefully only temporarily--because of a catfight between DirecTV and Comcast, who owns the channel. No one outside of those two really knows what the slimy details are, but it's probably Comcast asking for more money than what DirecTV is willing to pay (sounds like Comcast, doesn't it?). Aside from the occasional NHL game I rarely bothered with the channel, though hockey will be missed. But if Comcast's demands means another rate hike from DirecTV, Comcast can KEEP its stupid channel.

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    Espn Classic Directv

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    just spoke to Directv rep. and she stated that ESPN Classic has now been moved to Sports package. I can get it back for a small monthly fee.

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    Interesting! Never really gave this much thought

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    Was searching for a good answer on this too

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    yes i too have noticed that. they took it out of the package, you now have to pay for it. if i had dsl in my neighborhood i would switch to verizon cable

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