What do you think of my current favorite girls names?

I know there's a lot, but I would LOVE (and greatly appreciate) your opinion on each! :) [Please note the pronunciations for a few of the names at the bottom.]

Laura Noelle

Leona May

Clara Madeline

Eleanor Katherine "Nora"

Antonia Jasmine

Charlotte Johanna

Susannah Eve

Eloise Nina Joy

Shannon Rose

Lydia Dawn

Pronunciations ~

*Leona = lee-oh-nuh

*Clara = CLARE-uh

*Madeline = mad-uh-line

*Antonia = an-TONE-ee-uh

*Johanna = jo-hanna (as opposed to yo-hawn-uh)

*Eloise = EL-oh-ease

*Nina = NY-nuh

Thanks! :)

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    1 decade ago
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    All right, so sorry this has taken a while!

    Here goes:

    Laura Noelle: 8/10 This name is very pretty, both names are a comfortable balance of modern and traditional, in which neither crosses the line into "trendy" or "dated." I really like the fluidity of the name, and the overall modesty of it, its cute, professional, and stands out, without doing so for being "frilly" or "tomboyish"

    Leona May: 7/10 I really like this one; however, Leona still isn't my favorite name on your list, that said its growing on me steadily. I really like it when paired with May, since the first name is long, fluid, and feminine, May's short, simplistic charm really compliments it. I also love the rhythm of a three syllable name with a one syllable middle name.

    Clara Madeline: 9/10 I used to have this exact same combination on my favorites list. I love the name Clara and always have, I think its gorgeous and feminine, I prefer it to the more modern sounding Claire any day! Its got a very refreshing femininity factor when you add in Madeline, because neither name is overused or predicatable.

    Eleanor Katherine "Nora": 10/10 I love this name all around, the fluidity is great, as is the consistancy of theme. Sometimes a contrast is necessary when you dip into old-fashioned names like you and I seem to love, but this isn't really one of those instances. Both names seem to have moved on to modern generations just fine, Eleanor and Katherine both remind me of a strong, confident woman, and stand up to one another successfuly as a whole-I also LOVE Nora!

    Antonia Jasmine: 7/10 I love Antonia, really its a gorgeous name, "A" themed names for girls have really been growing on me-especially those with a clear European influence like the one above. I think the names are very classy and cultured, I also like that they fit well into modern day America and have cute, workable nicknames. I don't, and have never really cared for Jasmine, but be that as it may the name still has decent fluidity. I might try something a little different, like Antonia Joy (because like I said I love this syllable contrast)

    Charlotte Johanna: 7/10 I really like this name, although I do think both names have a bit of a harsher quality to them when paired together. Not to say they're not gorgeous. feminine, and classic, its just that to me, the "Ch" sound in Charlotte is a bit strong and demanding, as is the "Jo" in Johanna. So Charlotte Johanna seems a tad harsh.

    Susannah Eve: 8/10 I love the name Susannah, its very refreshing to see being considered for a little girl among all of the more common biblical names of similar feel like Anna and Hannah, to be honest I've always prefered this name to both (and its a plus that the meaning is Lily, which makes this nature themed and even more appealing.) Eve is a lovely underused classic that compliments Susannah very well, balancing out some of its frilly characteristic.

    Eloise Nina Joy: 4/10 I don't personally see how this name flows, perhaps because I just can't pick up on the natural rhythm like you can. I also prefer the pronounciation "Knee-nuh" to the one you've chosen, it seems to come easier to me. I love Joy, so that's a keeper, but I'm not sure I love Eloise as much as I used to. That said, I might consider breaking the name up into something that flows a little better, you might try Nina Eloise (and possibly put Joy into a different combination)

    Shannon Rose: 4/10 This name is cute but its a bit of an "overused 80's" name to me. I've never personally loved it to begin with, but having gone to school with SO many of them, most of which I didn't get along with, it just tarnishes it for me. Rose is complimenting to it though, despite being a fairly overused middle name.

    Lydia Dawn: 6/10 Again, this name is gorgeous, and I normally love the rhythm of this syllable contrast (three and then one) but the 'd's in both names are stressed a little more than I'd like. I'd suggest using Lydia Joy, and maybe using Dawn as a middle name for a girl's name on your extended list (if you have a further extended girls list) *although I love the overall meaning of this name, Lydia's being musical and Dawn meaning, of course, dawn, to make "Musical dawn" very serene!

    Overall, gorgeous list!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Laura Noelle.... Love Noelle as a middle name, not so much a fan of Laura.

    Leona May... It's a pretty name.

    Clara Madeline... Hmm, it's not fantastic, but not bad.

    Eleanor Katherine "Nora"... I like the nickname idea for this name, but I can't say I love Eleanor

    Antonia Jasmine... Antonia doesn't sound quite right when you say it. I'm not sure why exactly.

    Charlotte Johanna... Never liked Charlotte much.

    Susannah Eve... Love the middle name, but not a huge fan of Susannah

    Eloise Nina Joy... Love Eloise. Two middle names is always a bit much in my opinion

    Shannon Rose... Very pretty, but then again, I may be biased :]

    Lydia Dawn... I've always liked Lydia as a name. I just think it sounds so feminine but strong.

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  • Laura Noelle

    Leona May- it's ok, not crazy about it

    Clara Madeline- cute!

    Eleanor Katherine "Nora"- not a fan of eleanor

    Antonia Jasmine- LOVE IT. I love the name Antonia

    Charlotte Johanna- cute!

    Susannah Eve- cute!

    Eloise Nina Joy- not my fav but ok

    Shannon Rose- ok

    Lydia Dawn-ok

    By the way I know some Nina's and it's knee-nah so if you want NY-nuh you might want to rethink spelling. jmo

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  • 4 years ago

    Serena Catherine Leah Simone Emmeline Viola Isobel Carys Rose Helena Anneliese Ivy Lucinda Beatrice Tessa Ruby Daphne Magdalene Freya Sylvie Zara Corinne Celia Noelle Esme Octavia Isis Rhiannon Eleanora Joy Clara Lisette :)

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  • Laura Noelle- Cute yet classy

    Leona May- It's nice

    Clara Madeline- it's kinda plain, but kinda pretty too

    Eleanor Katherine- not my fave

    Antonia Jasmine- has a pretty ring to it

    Charlotte Johanna- not my fave, but it's ok

    Susannah Eve- I like Eve, but not Susannah really

    Eloise Nina Joy- I like Elodie better than Eloise, but it's nice

    Shannon Rose- don't like it

    Lydia Dawn- cute

    fave- Laura Noelle

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  • Marie
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Laura Noelle.. laura is my name and I love it and you don't find to many laura's

    Leona May .. very pretty. flows nicely

    Eleanor Katherine.. I love that you can go with Ellie or Ella for a nickname

    Antonia Jasmine.. very pretty. love the combo

    Charlotte Johanna .. I really like Charlotte

    Susannah Eve.. not crazy about Susannah but it flows nicely

    Eloise Nina Joy.. like Eloise Joy better. but love Eloise

    Shannon Rose my favorite on this list

    Lydia Dawn flows so nicely.

    great list and great job

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  • Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I personally do not like any of them. They are SO outdated and boring. Leona is my favorite. It's actually kind of pretty. It needs a diff. middle name though. Me and my mom were just talking last night and said that Eleanor had to be one of the ugliest girl names and we couldn't imagine anyone naming their kid that anymore. Haha, sorry, no offense. It's horrid though. So is Susannah, Lydia, Clara, and Eloise. I can take Leona, Shannon, and Charlotte nn Charli/ie. Nina is pronounced NEE-nuh not ny-nuh. That just sounds silly.

    Sorry if I was harsh. Good luck though! ;)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I put them in the order that I like them best in

    Lydia Dawn: 9/10 I have actually been thinking about adding this name to my list, naming my first daughter Lillian & second Lydia, (Lily & Lydi)


    Laura Noelle: 8/10 this is simple but really pretty and flows great, I wouldn't personally use this name, but I think that it is really nice and feminine


    Shannon Rose 7/10 this has really grown on me for a girls name, the more I see it the more I like it but I don't think that I would really use it myself


    Clara Madeline 7/10 this is tied with Shannon Rose, I think that Clara is a gorgeous name & although I don't personally care for Madeline, this does flow perfectly and reminds me of a little girl in the old west


    Leona May:6/10 this is unique, but not horrible or made up, this is a sweet name, just not my type of name


    Eleanor Katherine "Nora" 5/10 this flows great, but neither names are favorites of mine: it works, but I don't love it, sorry, I'd give Nora Katherine a 8/10 Nora has really grown on me and is adorable.


    Charlotte Johanna 5/10 tied with Eleanor Katherine, I just don't love it, to me it rhymes with Harlot, which by definition means prostitute, so I just think of that when I see this name http://www.flickr.com/photos/arno-4m/236072339/

    Antonia Jasmine: 4/10 Jasmine is beautiful, Antonia is ehh


    Susannah Eve: Susie is cute, but I just don't care for Susannah, and Eve is very sweet, Savannah Eve is prettier to me.


    Eloise Nina Joy: Nina Joy is awesome, but I dont really like Eloise that much, it might make a pretty middle name


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  • 1 decade ago

    My favorite ones are Eleanor [please don't call her Nora] and Charlotte. I like them all actually with the exception of Eloise Nina Joy, but I think that could be improved with a different middle name like Eloise Nicole, etc. What happened to Daphne? I liked that name.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Laura Noelle -- I like that you put Noelle with this one. Obviously a close name for you, and I really like that. :) I LOVE Laura, by the way. It has that amazing, classy, little-house-on-the-prairie feel. I think it flows really well with Noelle, also. 9 / 10

    Leona May -- This one has never been my style... It sounds really southern to me. Leona on its own strikes me as southern, but Leona May just kind of overdoes it for me. I suppose I'm not really a fan of Leona in general (reminds me too much of Leona Lewis...sp), but it's not a bad choice at all. 5 / 10

    Clara Madeline -- I like Clara. Very sweet and rather dainty and elegant to me... I also really like it with Madeline. It gives it so much of an innocent, playful feel. 8 / 10

    Eleanor Katherine "Nora" -- I really love this one. Love Eleanor and Nora. Not only is Eleanor Katherine amazing, but I also really like "Nora Katherine" whenever you were too lazy to completely yell her full name. ;) Again, very classy and attractive. I quite like it. 9 / 10

    Antonia Jasmine -- LOVE Antonia. Surprisingly. It's one I would never use myself, but I really like it. I find it hard to picture on a baby or grade-schooler, but a teenage and beyond Antonia would be absolutely stunning. Jasmine is a nice choice as a middle name. Rarely heard as a middle... yet nothing strange. 8 / 10

    Charlotte Johanna -- I would prefer Johanna Charlotte... I do love Johanna. Charlotte is nice, but I suppose I hear it around too much to like it myself. One of those semi-popular names, like Ava... still extremely attractive, but I'm unfortunately deterred by the popularity factor (though I do love Ava... I just wish everyone else didn't love it quite so much. :D). 7 / 10

    Susannah Eve -- Love Susannah. So much more lovable than Savannah... I also love Susan. Both Susan and Susannah strike me as extremely mature and wise. In an absolutely good way. I don't think they're "old" at all, but rather more grown-up and smart. Educated. Just skip the awkward teenager stage. ;) I also love Eve. 9 / 10

    Eloise Nina Joy -- I would DEFINITELY pronounce Nina as NEE-nuh at first glance. I had somewhat of a friend named Nina when I was little... she played the harp. She was also the best friend of Emily Smart, who was kidnapped quite a while ago, if you remember... I LOVE Eloise. I suppose NY-nuh really annoys me, simply because I've never seen it pronounced that way, and it just literally bugs my tongue to say it... I don't want to betray NEEN-uh... 8 / 10

    Shannon Rose -- I can't force myself to like Shannon. I've known two Shannon's... Both were rather awkward. Tend to treat EVERYONE younger than them like a baby (including people in their 20s and 30s). That was always just something that bugged me, but I could never find myself comfortable around them. Along with that, I definitely think of the gay boy from Planet Unicorn (it's absolutely dumb). I suppose it's not really my style... but an interesting choice. 5 / 10

    Lydia Dawn -- LOVE this one. Love Lydia and Dawn. Together, they're just such a calm, crisp pair. I really like them. 9 / 10

    So, my favorite is probably Lydia Dawn. :) Absolutely stunning. No more to be said, just stunning.

    My least favorite is probably Shannon Rose. Sorry, just not my personal style.

    If I had to choose a sister, I would probably pick Sylvia at this point. I'm feeling it at the moment. Love Sylvia. :)

    -- Amy

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