Cannot access my email. Keeps giving error message of Website Restore Error - A problem with web page caused?

When I try to get into my email, it gives me an error message Website restore error. A problem with web page caused web page to close. It also says - A problem with the tab caused Internet Explorer to close and open the tab. Then my email locks up and I cannot access it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First just try clearing your browser's cache and rebooting.


    1. Close all browser windows and open a new one.

    2. Clear your browser's cache including temp files, cookies, and history. If you do not know how then follow the instructions on the help page for the specific browser and browser version you are using:

    3. Close that browser window and open a new browser window and go to whatever website you were having a problem with.

    4. Reboot if needed!

    5. If you are still having a problem with the website, try an alternative browser such as Firefox. It is always good to have an alternative browser so you can test and check to see if your problem is browser specific. Here is the link to get Firefox:


    If you still are having problems try the troubleshooting steps for Yahoo Mail:

    Yahoo has a couple troubleshooting pages for you to try if you are having trouble with your mail account. Read them here:

    They even have another page with more troubleshooting tips for mail issues:


    If nothing works, Contact Yahoo about your Mail issues by following these steps:

    1. Select which mail you use, All-New, or Classic Mail on this link:

    2. On the help page that opens up click Contact Us button at the top. You will need to sign in.

    3. Click the Yahoo Mail Technical Help Form listed on that page and fill it out. Describe your exact problem and the steps you took. Pick a subject that matches your problem too.

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