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$1500 to invest in penny stocks?

I dont mind taking the risk and investing it all in one stock for a big return! any suggestions for any penny stocks?

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    Are you looking for trades or long term investments?

    LT Investments:





    Daily/Weekly Trades: Casino Type




    Under $1






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  • Steve
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    I have put a lot of money into penny stock and almost all of them have failed or barely moved. I had a couple that were bought by a larger company which resulted in only a few shares in each case. Only one got past a dollar.

    It is worth it if 1 actually does finally skyrocket but it is unlikely to happen so will be a big risk. Right now the only penny stocks I'm in are pretty much solar panel companies.

    XSNX.ob was one I was really excited about back in the day but hasnt made a profit since it was founded and hasnt moved much either. It basically is suppose to be producing glass windows that work as solar panels and take energy from the sun thus saving the building money. But nothing has happened yet as I said so who knows.

    It is very unlikely I'll ever buy penny stocks again, so take that as a warning.

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    Both are prospering penny stocks trading for a penny or less.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    penny stock r for suckers, you will not find enough info to make an educated investment. if you want to gamble go to a casino. if you want to invest buy a hundred shares of somthing u like,,, maybe GE

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    ive got some money in JSDA(jones soda), its a small soda company based out of seattle, washington, they have an excellent product, have an excess of $7 million and is currently trading undervalue, the company has gone through some hard times in the last year and a half therefore many investors fled, i believe it has great long term potential and theres not as much risk since it trading undervalue. its currently trading at around $0.9. hope this helped you out

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    I agree with kennethk and Spike. But if you must, Manhattan Scientifics (MHTX.OB)

    PS: Don't trust me, please do your own research.

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