How do you reset the time on a Diesel DZ7081 watch?

There was no booklet.

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    Press the BOTTOM LEFT button which will take you through the watch's functions. When the top screen comes to 'time' press the TOP LEFT button and hold it in.

    This will bring up the 'light' on/off screen, simply press the bottom left button again and 'chime' on/off will appear, repeat this process and eventually you get 'hour' then 'minute' then 'seconds' then 'year' then 'month/day' or 'day/month' then 'month' then 'day'.

    Use the right-hand buttons to adjust each setting up and down.

  • grecco
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    3 years ago

    How To Set Diesel Watch

  • 1 decade ago

    Throw it against the wall... Just Kidding..

    Try use different combination of buttons.. It might work.

  • Bettie
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    4 years ago

    Oh yea totally vin

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