Adopting babies on Craigslist?

Do you think that's what's next?

After rapes, murders, and abduction...

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    most likely but who knows

  • Yeah i just heard a story the other day about a mother who posted pictures of her baby on Facebook and later saw that someone had used those pictures and claimed to be giving that baby up for adoption on craigslist. Odd.

    p.s. who exactly is this 'craig'?

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    You scared me for a sec. I thought you were gonna ask whether it was a good idea to adopt a baby from craigslist. 0.0

    And I don't think they'll go that far.

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    Actually there is a serious side to this as this appeared in a British newspaper back in August which is a scary thought:

    Mother spots baby son up for adoption on Craigslist

    An American mother was stunned to discover her baby son was being offered for adoption on a London internet site.

    By Paul Thompson

    Published: 8:22PM BST 03 Aug 2009

    Jenni Brennan found pictures of her seven month old son Jake on a Craigslist advert posted in London.

    The advert read:"A cute baby boy for adoption. He is very healthy and ready for adoption."

    The FBI has now launched an investigation into what they believe is an international adoption scam.

    Jenni, from Abington, Massachusetts, believes her son's photo had been lifted from her family blog.

    She had created the site to share photos of her family, including her other son Jackson, 3, with friends and family.

    Investigators believe the online scammers had "stolen" the photo and used it in an attempt to extort money from couples desperate to adopt children.

    The adoption advert was posted on the Craigslist London listings with interested parties asked to send an email to a Yahoo account.

    "I never thought something like this would happen," said Jenni Brennan, 30, a social worker.

    "I've always heard about stuff like this happening. But I never thought it would enter our world.

    "We were stunned when we discovered he was being offered for adoption in London."

    After being tipped off about her son's photo on the site Jenni replied to the advert pretending to be interested in adopting the boy.

    She was told to send £200 to an address in Cameron to begin the adoption process. She also received details of the baby boy up for adoption which claimed he had been born in Canada and was now in an orphanage in the African nation of Cameroon.

    Jenni and her husband Josh contacted police who told them to bring in the FBI.

    "I know Jacob wasn't being physically harmed and no one was going to come to our door and try to take him, but I felt like his likeness was being violated," said Jenni.

    The Brennan's have now placed privacy restrictions on their family blog.

    Jenni said:" We don't want this to happen to anyone else."

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    Nothing would serprise me anymore.

  • 1 decade ago

    That's where my parents got my sister...or so I tell her...LOL !!!

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    What's your point?

  • 1 decade ago

    I hope not...

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