If President Obama asked you for your solution on how to fix health care in America, what would you tell him?

Single Payer? Public option? Co-ops? Noting at all? This is a serious question and everyone seems to want to bash Obamacare, whatever that is, and yet no one wants to offer solutions? Everyone wants to bash the government, but expects the government to come up with all of the answers. Well as Americans, you should be able to think for yourselves and know what is good for you, your family, and your country. People scream "socialism," "Communism," "ACORN," "Nazism," "Obamacre" and all of these buzzwords that don't explain nothing. I'm not asking for why your against or for Obama and his health care plan, all I want to know is what is your solution?

I don't care about all of the "isms" you can throw around, I don't care about some video of some "protester" yelling about how her America is being taken away, all I'm looking for is for anybody to come up with a solution to how the health care coverage in America can be fixed. It seems like everyone has a talking point but no solutions. It seems like everyone is saying they are angry, but don't have nothing to say to offer any solutions. People scream and yell, but they are not saying anything. Obama is talking, but he's not saying anything and whenever he does, its shrouded by cryptic language that could be either for or against this bill. Obama has not actually come out and said he supports a strong public option. He has not said much of anything except that he wants bipartisanship, whatever that means.. The Democrats don't know what they want because they have no balls, are not united, and are following the media and big business. The Republicans are just playing politics with the entire debate of health care and have offered nothing in terms of a REAL solutions other than many of the talking points like "death panels" and "killing grandma."

My solution would be a single payer universal health care tier of payment where people of a particular tax bracket pay a certain amount of money through taxes into the system and at the same time, we do what the Cubans do and subsidize the college education and training for people who want to become doctors and nurses so that we can have a robust health care workforce that can take of its citizens. Yes, my idea might be called "socialist" or whatever, but at least offers something to the discussion instead of the same old talking points. Maybe what is needed is tort reform instead of anything government run. Or laws to break up the monopolies of insurance companies. I feel that the discussion is becoming retarded from all of the B.S. being spun by the media and those who just don't like Obama, when there is more at stake than just what people think about one man.

I don't agree with the current bill being pushed right now by Democrats because I feel that it is not going to do enough and that there are way to many loop holes for the insurance companies and that without a Strong public option, the bill is just another 800 billion dollar mess. The bill being pushed right now is not health care reform, but a health care giveaway to the highest bidder created by Democrats, due to fear, intimidation, politics, cronyism, and no faith. This bill needs to be as partisan as much as possible for it to work or not work. This would have to be either a republican bill or a Democratic bill. Its either all or nothing. Either the Democrats own it and put what they believe in it or they let the Republicans hijack it and turn it into a political Sword to slice the democrats in the neck with in 2010 and 2012. All I know is right now, the bill being pushed by the Democrats and being praised by Obama is a joke, wil not be taken serious, is not robust or partisan enough and I'm not even a Democrat and I'm ashamed for the Democratic party and their bill. At least when Bush passed his tax cuts, he owned them and made sure they were partisan and when they did not work, the Democrats used it to choke them in 2006 and 2008. I guess history is repeating itself all over again.

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    There's too many special interest groups involved for anyone to do anything.

    All of the hollaring and screaming you hear going on is politicians who are in the back pocket of certain companies.

    I would not even be bothering with health care right now.

    We need a Prez. with big enough cajones to tell the 40,000 + lobbyist and special interest groups to get the hell out of town. Because this is what is bankrupting and destroying our very existence.

    Why do you think they're not trying to revise the Insurance companies or drug companies but instead are going after health care? The pharmaceutical and insurance companies are the most powerful in the world. That's why!

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    1 decade ago

    Make a single-payer system for everybody. Everybody would be insured and it would be paid for by a new income tax. That tax would be graduated, small and there would be no deductions, exemptions or exclusions. It would cover preventative care at 100% and everything else medically necessary at 80 or 90% up to an annual cap on out-of-pocket costs.

    People who wanted something over and above what the government provides could buy supplemental insurance on the private market.

    Since you pay a portion of the cost below the limit, you would have an incentive to shop around for low-cost treatment. That would help contain costs for the system. Additionally, the government should help control its own costs by making the billing rates of all providers publicly accessible. The program should also publish a list ranking doctors according to patient outcomes.

    For people below a certain level (say 200% of the poverty level) they would qualify to have their portion of the cost covered by the program. You'd have to apply for that each year.

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    I would tell him to take Medicaid which is paying for the health care of the poor, and expand it as the government option. Next I would tell him to charge those welfare receipients a fee for Medicaid just like you and I would have to pay a premium to buy into it. Even if welfare receipients pay only 5 bucks per person--that's a lot of money the gvmt can save right there. Then I would remove the cap--it is unfair to proscribe a flat fee for certain services--that's one reason why Medicaid is rarely accepted by doctors.The fee Medicaid pays for services often does not even cover expenses for services rendered. Then I would allow all Medicare receipients to switch over without having to pay more and close Medicare down. With that the money for health care is already paid!!

  • Ken
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, you're right but these bills have to pass congress - a congress whose members focus first and foremost on re-election. The insurance companies fund those re-election campaigns. So any small win here, any modest wedge into the wall will be a victory. If they can't deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, if they can no longer cancel you because you got sick, if they have to cover everyone - that will be a great start.

    Progress on this issue will be measured in yards, not miles. A couple of yards will be great.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lift the current government restrictions on purchasing health care etc.

    He complains that companies have a monopoly in some states, but it's the government's fault because you can't purchase health care outside of you own state.

    Most of the problem could be fixed with TORT reform and removal of the stupid restrictions the government set in place.

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    I think we should try to model our system on a multi-payer system like France and Germany. It is pretty close to several of the ideas going through Congress right now. I don't think single-payer will be easily accepted by the opposition.

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    step down.

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