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How do school smells?

describe the smell of the school, classroom, teacher?

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    My school smells like Chicken Noodle soup in the hallways, seriously. i think it comes from the cafeteria.

    The classrooms all smell different. My math room smells fresh and cold though.(:

    And my teachers, i'm not really sure. But my engish teacher with the mustache can't smell too good.

    And that's the truth(: lol.

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    School smells do good like classroom. Smell as car. Teacher smell no good. How do smell good teacher?

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    They smell like little children, snotty noses, adults , books , bricks , farts , flowers, tables. Not every school is going to smell the same and you cant really describe a smell in detail, especially a school.

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    umm?i guess it would depend on the school you go to,i doubt any two schools or classrooms smell the same.

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    School smells of

    Little kids !

    But not in the cute nice baby way

    The yuckie pre teens !

    See im year 11, so yeah :)


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    Uhm smells like school haha I dont know how to explain it some schools smell diff. a science room can smell different if they just got done with an experiment that has an odor. And depends lol

    hope this helps :]

    Vote best answer please!!!!! and answer mine also to please!!!

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    school smells of Lestoil

    Classroom smells of aftershave, old books, perfume and stinky feet.

    Teacher smells like nivea

  • School: BO

    Classroom: BO

    Teacher: BO

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    Some school stink worse than others

  • smells good

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