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Is the Punishment too severe?

Or not severe enough? Son, just turned 15 in August, has NEVER gotten in trouble before. Got the cell phone bill, over $300.00 in text charges on his phone. turns out he thinks he has a relationship with a 16 year old neighbors daughter, (she has a boyfriend). His text to her were love love love, her replys were sexing, bj's, hand jobs etc. Spoke to her mother who could care less. Now his punishment is doing all the dishes for the month, and pay back $200.00 on the cell bill, AT&T took out $100.00. He knew he only had 100 textes per month, bigger problem was the girl for me. He has always been a good kid, but lately was always tired and grouchy, (he was texting up to 3AM on school days) I want to hear from teenagers and parents alike.


Oh yeah, we did take the phone away , he just has it in school in case of emergency.

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    It would not amaze me if pretty soon the schools will ban all cell phones on campus... believe it or not it is the main cause right now for low grades and the fact that the kids just can't seem to concentrate..

    He does not need it in school.... if there is an emergency then there will still be 100's of kids with phones left that can call around and drive the whole 911 system into the abyss...

    As the mother of a 16 year old daughter that seems to have a third appendage (the cell phone) and proudly texts around 4000 in outgoing messages a month... (yes... you read right 4000 out and 4000 in...)

    all I can advise you to do is to change the phone plan immediately and pay for unlimited texting. These kids don't call each other anymore... they text 24/7. Most plans will add unlimited texting for around $20 a month... trust me it is worth it. Yours only just found out about texting and it is not going to get any better. Not only are you paying for any text messages he sends but you are paying for anything he receives. And he might not be able to keep his friends under control enough so that they don't send him text messages...

    One other thing... take that phone away before bed time.... otherwise they will text all night and be grumpy in the morning. Mine has to bring it downstairs into the kitchen and put it on the charger for the night.

    No access to the cell phone after 9 p.m. pick it up when you go to school in the morning. (yes... I haven't been able to take the phone away during school hours... I value peace and quiet too much) But I hope that the school will soon pass their rule on no cell phones).

    And... welcome to the new world order... where cell phones are our kids best friends...

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    Parent- Take the Phone away too! What is the matter with you!

    Teen - you should be ashamed of your self!

    That is not a good use of a phone.

    I don't care who doesn't like my answer, kids that use phones this way should not have them period!


    He does not need a phone in school PERIOD. The school has an office, a nurse, plenty of adults and a Principal. There is no Emergency that will ever arise that can not be addressed the old fashioned way - LAND LINES.

    Schools do not want them used in schools anyway!

    My son did not have a cell phone till he started college and work. He has to pay for it!

    LASTLY I say these things not because of the punishment but it applies to all kids. I just don't think it is helpful for kids to be attached to the phone so much.

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    Since you are paying his phone bill and your son knew that he had only 100 texts per month, he has shown he is not responsible enough to have the phone and you should take the phone away from him. You are not being severe enough, as he will continue to be tempted to text more and will do it any way because his has now developed the addiction that many kids develop which is called texting addiction. Those with Blackberrys are called Crackberrys. Those who text too much are called Textberrys and there doesn't appear to be any 12 step program for them yet, but I can see one on the horizon.

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    Take the phone away at night time when he should be sleeping or doing homework. If he still abuses the texting, turn the texting feature off his phone.

    Sexting is a very dangerous habit. If he gets a sexual photo from a girl and sends it on to a friend he can get in deep trouble for distributing child pornography. I saw a whole thing on 20/20 about it. Please have a serious talk with him about that so he knows. Not saying he's doing that but it doesn't hurt to make sure he knows just incase.

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    went thru this myself with my dtr;; @ least the texting charges;; unfortunately, when you signed up for this, the "technician" should have told you that teens are outrageous on the texting;; during my dtr's "time", it was still somewhat new;; but now, you really need unlimited texting;;; kids don't count, they have NO IDEA how many texts they're sending or receiving & really don't care;; so, I would really put the blame on the "salesman" if anybody;; my cell co never even notified me either, so I had a "beef" with them too;; yeah, take the phone away for a couple months;; I would also have your son pay his portion of the bill (the added amount for unlimited texting) every month;; but be careful, he may just find that phone when you "hide" it...

    ya also need to talk to him about the laws & guidelines to using this phone & what happens to his future if used inappropriately, whether it was he who sent them or him who received them, it's on him...

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    Well I'm a bit younger than your son (13) and I think it's worth it.

    Punishment was a little bit severe with the dishes. But like the first answer, eventually, teenagers are going to do that kind of stuff.

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    you gave him a good punishment by taking the phone and making him pay the bill by doing chores.

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    im 17 and i think this punishment is perfect. he should pay back every dime. ive had lots of girl friends but ive never "sexted". it not right. somethings up. i guess hes going through puberty tho.

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    I think the punishment is perfect but all teenagers will do something in that nature.

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