Is Vancouver just the peninsula?

I don't mean Metro Vancouver, just the city itself. Yes, the one with just under 600,000 residents and 36 square km (Wikipedia). But where's that? Is it just the peninsula, or is it more? I guess Stanley Park goes in there, too.

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    In the Wikipedia article, on the little map on the right that shows a red area, that red area is the City of Vancouver. It runs from Stanley Park and the University Endowment Lands on the west to Boundary Rd on the east, and from the harbour(Burrard Inlet) on the north to the Fraser River on the south. I've never thought of it as a peninsula but it looks a lot like one. Stanley Park is part of it for all practical purposes. There isn't really a Metro Vancouver like there is for Toronto. All the other municipalities around and near Vancouver like Burnaby and Richmond have separate municipal governments but there is the Greater Vancouver Regional District which deals with things that affect the whole area.

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    The most densley populated area in Vancouver is the peninsula, but the City of Vancouver (not Metro) does cover more area than that. Look at a Google map, it shows municipal boundaries.

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    Vancouver is from west of the peninsula including Stanley Park, heading east up to Burnaby (a city east of Van). The peninsula incorporates Van, Burnaby and Coquitlam.

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    Vancouver goes from the UBC borders (UBC is a separate entity and not part of Vancouver, although most people don't know that) to Boundary Road. That's the border between Burnaby and Vancouver. And it runs from Burrard Inlet to the Fraser River.

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