How can i get a ditto in pokemon platinum/dimond?

where as well

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    It's better to catch a Ditto on Pokemon Diamond, as in Pokemon Platinum there are lesser chances of Ditto appearances.

    There are actually three ways of getting a Ditto in Pokemon Diamond and Platinum:

    1st - Using PokeRadar in Route 218's big patch of grass (just next to Canalave City). There is 22% of a Ditto appearance. You get PokeRadar after getting the National Dex. This works for Pokemon Diamond.

    2nd - Wait for the Trophy Garden's (a villa in the route south of Hearthrome City) owner (Mr. Backlot) to tell you that he has seen a Ditto in his garden. Then go to the Trophy Garden's garden and there's 5% of a Ditto appearance. This works for Pokemon Platinum.

    3rd - Migrate a Ditto from Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen. You can migrate pokemon in a starting option that appears when you start Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum (you need to to have both FR or LG inserted with D,P or Pl in the Nintendo DS Lite dual slot.

    There, choose six pokemon that'll migrate to D, P or Pl and go collect them at the Pal Park.

    Ditto is very famous for its special attack Transform, as it transforms into its opponent. It is aldo famous by breeding with all pokemon (male or female) except the No Egg Group ones.

    Hope it helped :)

    Source(s): Own LeafGreen, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. I checked Bulbapedia and Marriland for some info.
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    Ditto is actually in different location depending if you are playing on Diamond/Pearl or Platinum.

    In either case, you'll need to have acquire the National Pokedex first. If you don't have this, you won't be able to encounter Ditto.

    For Diamond/Pearl:

    Using the Pokeradar, go out to the grass right outside of Canalave City.

    For Platinum.

    This one is going to be painful. Ditto is one fo the "daily" Trophy Garden Pokemon at the mansion. Basically, you have to talk to the owner, if he mentions Ditto, that means you'll encounter Ditto in his garden. However, the "daily" Trophy Garden Pokemon only have an encounter rate of 5%, so good luck.

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    no the only way u can is if u put a firered or leafgreen in the gba slot in ur ds then if u have defeated the elite four u restart the game make sure that the gba slot is readable and then when u start the game normally there is an option under load game i think that says migrate from leafgreen etc... then u do tht and u follow the procedure... now this is how u do it in platinum idk bout those i never had the games u do

    Source(s): done it b4
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    i found a ditto at route 218. i think you can only find one by using the pokeradar.

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    Easily at Rt. 218. You may want to use the Poke-Radar.

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    route 216/217 (the one in-between canalave and jubilife). USE THE POKERADAR or it won't work

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    I'm sure you can somewhere, "gotta catch em all"

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