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Tips for selling an old car?

Im selling my wife's 95 Saturn (130k miles), and I was wondering if anyone has some tips for selling a car thats rough around the edges. Engine runs OK but it burns a little oil, interior is rough (already replaced the headliner, seams are splitting in seats, carpet rips etc.), paint is scratched on the body but just lightly in most places, bumper stickers(?), a few holes in the plastic bumper.

Im going to list for 2500, but Im hoping to get 2k for it. Any other tips for selling would be great, thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You could go to the dealership and get the touch up paint,

    It will get some of those light scratches to fade away without sanding, just dab it and it will be gone

    As for the carpet and Seats you could put seat covers and put those floor mats

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  • 1 decade ago

    Im afraid you're being a little optimistic on your selling price. With those defects, it would be listed as Fair cosmetic condition, or Poor depending on how severe they are, which detracts from the price a lot. Your car (guessing at options) in my area lists as

    Condition Value



    Fair $610

    You should check the Private Party value listed for your area here:

    It will also tell you what a dealer will give you on a trade in.

    After you select Options, it will explain in detail how to evaluate your cars condition. Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    well clean it up best you can really can check prices by typing 1995 saturn for sale or check ebay and know what other going for ask less sounds like its on its last leg and be luckey to get rid of it for any price really put a price on it run a add wait see what people say take what you can get

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