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how do you paste a specific part of a picture when you press print src.?

for example lets say i got a real cute myspace comment from my boyfriend && i want to paste it on my page so i go to it && press print src but the whole page appears like that whole comment page but i just want that specific one, is a bit hard to explain. i dont know if youll understand what im trying to say

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    Shift + Prt Scr copies the whole screen to the clipboard or Alt + Prt Scr copies the current window, which you can paste to Windows Paint. If you click on one of the other icons and then back on the dotted square, you can select a rectangle and then Edit, Copy; then File, New; then Edit, Paste; then Save As a png or jpg file.

    Web search "screen capture utility" to find other related utilities.

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    You can cut out certain parts of an image in Paint.

    Paste the image you got off Print Src into Paint and use the Select tool (it's the dotted rectangle on the left pane) to select the part you want saved.

    While it's selected, Copy (Ctrl+C) then File>New and paste it in.

    You can then re-size the canvas(white background) to fit the copied image. Click on the canvas and you should see a little dot on the corner of the canvas. Click and hold on that dot and drag it in or out, it should re-size.

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    once uve copied the page go into paint and right click on the white page and paste the picture in there then cut out the comment u want only in the picture and copy it and paste it into a new paint window and save it to ur desktop then do what ever u want with just that comment =)

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    It may look some tricky but it possible

    You will have to resize you window to the size of that fragment you want to copy

    Press "Alt" key and then holding it press "Prt Scr" key

    It will copy active window content only

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    i have windows vista basic so i cannot use printscreen to capture images....i had to get a program called faststone capture and you can crop images as you want me if you need faststone ^_^

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