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Anyone have good names for a little girl?

I was thinking before I start the adoption process, I should have everything set to go, and since I am hoping to adopt internationally, I might not be able to pronounce her name right, so I am going for a nick name for her to be called at school and such.

I am going to request an older child, 6 or above, so she will most likely have her own opinions, so I was thinking that I would get a list going for her and I to look over.

The final decision will be up to her, though. If she wants to change her name or not, and if she wants to make it permanent or not, though I'm kind of hoping that she keeps the first name given to her as her legal name, and just uses the American one as a nickname.

So, here are the names I have picked out so far:



Kyle (I know this is a boys name, but I like it for a girl too)

Ella or Ellen

Any more ideas?

I like the really meaningful names and such.


oh yes, and Eleanor.

Update 2:

Thanks monica, my best friends last name is bailey, i wonder if its fate. :D

Update 3:

I know I'm a little bit ahead of myself, every time I pass a toy store or children's clothes store I have to stop myself and repeat that I don't even know if I will get a girl, or a little boy.

Update 4:

I have always liked the name Shiloh, but now that Angelina Jolie has a Shiloh, I am scared that people would think I am copying her, you know, adopted children and all.

Update 5:

I just thought that I would make it clear that I am adopting because I desperately want a child, and that I don't want her to feel that she has to be grateful to me or anything, I just want her to be my daughter, and drive me up the wall like any other kid does their parents.

Update 6:

Thanks chelle, I'm glad that someone is on my side with the name Kyle.

Update 7:

Don't worry Megan Janaya, it will be her choice, and if she doesn't want any off the list, then we will look for others. I don't mind if she wants to me to call her dog, as long as she will be happy, I'll be happy, just I probably won't put it on her birth certificate. XD

Update 8:

rambam, I'm sorry, I am going to try my best, but I am worried about her going to school and having troubles, and also that I will learn it incorrectly, and then that I won't understand when she corrects me, and before I know it I am calling her Apple Head in Chinese, or Russian or something.

Of course I will try my best to make sure that she can speak both English and her first language, and once I decide where to adopt from, I shall start learning her language as well.

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    i like,


    drew (cute girl name)



    addison (as a middle name, like carter addison)


  • I have two adopted brothers, from Haiti. they where adopted at the ages of 12 and 10. their Haitian names are Dorvens and Kervens.

    My mother wanted to keep their haitian names but also give them Canadian names so they could fit in better at school... one less hurdle for them. She gave them each a list of names and let them pick themselves from the list. She then gave them those "new" names as first names and kept their Haitian names as middle names. The boys thought it was so cool that they got new names =)

    so now they are...

    David Dorvens... he's 15, adopted at 12

    Benjamin Kervens... he's 13, adopted at 10

    in most orphanages that are set up for international adoption the kids are told that they will likely get a new name in their new countries and most kids are very excited about the change =)

    thumbs up on wanting to help out older children...

    I also have two nieces adopted as babies. I think it was a lot "cooler" watching the boys go through the process as they are old enough to apreciate the changes and have a better understanding of the gift they where given. They are very appreciative of my mother and what she has done for them =)

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    I like Harper and Willow, they are unique without going totally overboard.

    Personally I don't like Kyle for a girl. How about Kylie or Kayla?

    I love both Ella and Ellen, but not so much Eleanor. It's too old fashioned. However if you named her Eleanor and called her Ella/Ellen as a nickname, that would be nice (:

    Some other ideas:

    Harlow, Ada, Olivia, Shiloh. Good luck!

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    i will be honest if you are adopting internationally, and you want to adopt an older child which you sound keen to do so, i really think you should make the effort to pronounce his/her name right. it might take weeks or months or years, a nick name is not something you can plan or pick out, one day he/she will be hopping around your yard and the next thing you know their nick name is bunny. my daughter has a Swahili name and when i tell people, i always have to repeat myself, you'll be surprised how much effort people you barely know put into learning how to pronounce her name properly, i think this is the least you can do. if you want an older child you can't take them away from the only life they have known, and give them a new name, purely because it would be easier on you. nothing you are planning to do will be easy, adopting an older child from another country you cannot ignore the culture and customs they have grown up with, you will be taking them from everything they have ever known, it would be stress-full and unfair on the child.

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  • Do you want your adopted daughter to hate you? She will if you name her Kyle. She'll be surrounded by so many little MALE Kyle's. You may like it on a girl but this isn't about YOU. It's about the child. She probably won't like to have a boys name. I know loads of girls with boys names and they all hate their names.

    Harper is a boys name too. There is nothing feminine, girlie or unisex about Kyle or Harper.

    Willow & Ellen are great for girls. At least they are girls names.

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    McKenzie is a great name for a girl. It is different and sounds really cool. I agree with the other answer that nick names come naturally. Take the birth name and use it for a middle name, then put the American name in front of it. Choose something that flows with the middle name and check that the initials don't spell something bad like P.I.G. or something. I think Harper is a good name, but just so you know it is on a disney show, Witches of Waverly Place. I really like the name Amelia too, but Spell it Emilia.

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    Harper sounds like more of a surname than a first name.

    Personally I think Eleanor and Ellen are nice, but it does also depend on what she looks like/what will suit her. I always find that peoples' names always suit their character so you might want to wait until you know her better, but this would be difficult with what you are doing.

    Here is a site with lots of girls names and their meanings.


    You might find that even if you can't pronounce her first name, there will probably be a equivalent name in English. For example Piot (polish) means Peter in English.

    Hope it helps and good luck.

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    Alyssa Taylor






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    Nicknames come naturally, from getting to know a person. And I would guess she'd want her nickname to be a derivative of her own name, or at least sound similar. Those are all nice names but I wouldn't start speculating on this until you at least know hers.

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    ella or ellen are ok. you could try Ellie or Elle.

    kyle may sound a little weird i think...you could make it Kylie(?)

    harper is not a good name and i have never heard of the name willow for a girl..

    skye is also a unique nick name; i always liked it

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    I think Kyle id cute! I don't usually like masculine or unisex names for girls but for some reason I like that one! I also really like Ellen!

    Some other ideas:





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