Where can i download a dictionary for my laptop?

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can u give me a site where i can download for free a dictionary for my laptop? im not always online so i cant use online dictionaries all the time.
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Word Web-

You can download it here:

This shows you what it does:

Hope this helps!!(:


I am currently using this too(: x

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thanks!! but does it expire in 30 days?
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  • vineet_dwivedi answered 5 years ago
    For offline Wordweb is is the best. For online you should use http://dictionary.vocabbuilder.net . It has pronunciation along with multiple usages for each word and it really looks like a dictionary and not a search box. You can also save all your searches into your own word list.


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  • Diditagaintwice answered 5 years ago
    Do you really need a dictionary? When I compose a letter I do it on Microsoft Word, it will automatically correct my mistakes or spell check at the end of typing. Yahoo also has spell check embedded in the mail section.

    But when I use the word program, copy and paste it into the box just like I did here.

    Hope this helps.
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