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Chatting is what maked us human

Do you often gossip with your class?Your teacher's new hairstyle?Scientists believe that gossip is a very important part of being human.

Nicholas Emler,a British scientist,says that the exchange of juicy bits of information is dey to being human .It separates us from the rest of the animals.

Emler's study of 300 people showed that talk about other people and their habits-gos-sip-takes up 80 percent of our conversation time.

"Monkeys and chimps have com-plex societies because they know a lot about each other,"Emler told the British Science Festival."But because they cannot talk they get information from watching each other's acts,and so they are limited to groups of around 50.

"The one thing that sets us apart is that we can talk to each other.We can exchange social information.We can form much more complex so-cietise than other animals because we gossip."


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    This article investigates one of the powerful human abilities - gossip, and explaining the gossip in different perception by differet scientists, comparing human to other types of animals in order to get the result and prove why human differ from others, because of gossip.

    這篇文章研究其中一個人類最強大的能力 - 閒話, 不同的科學家在不同的觀點下解釋何為"閒話", 將人類同動物作出比較從而得到答案,並且証明人類與動物之間的不同是因為"閒話"

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