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Making up sentences

Pls use the following words to make up a sentence.

1. trend(n.)

2. trendy(adj.)

3. selective(adj.)

4. popularity(n.)

5. fashionable(adv.)

6. style(v.)

7. stylish(adj.)

8. Bargain(v.)

9. Bargaining(adj.)


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    1. trend(n.) The trend is young people live a carefree life style.

    2. trendy(adj.) We read about trendy fashions in the magazine.

    3. selective(adj.) He is so selective that he can never buy any clothes.

    4. popularity(n.) Tom enjoys much popularity among his friends because he is very generous.

    5. fashionable(adj.) 'Black and white' will be fashionable again in the next few years.

    fashionable(adv) Actors all dressed up fashionably for the Emmy Awards.

    6. style(v.) Fashion designers style the way people dress.

    7. stylish(adj.) They often design stylist wears.

    8. Bargain(v.) If you bargain with the jeweller, you may get the crystal much cheaper.

    9. Bargaining(adj.) If you have cash, you have more bargaining power in the property market.

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