Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen=Hydrogen and Oxyen constitute water.


1.Water "comprises" hydrogen and oxygen.

2. Hydrogen and Oxyen "comprise" water.

B.consist of 是否翻成由...構成為佳?

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    comprise 構成之後各自還在

    consist of 構成之後各自還在

    Be made of 構成之後各自不在

    My family comprises my brother and young sister.

    [my brother , young sister] 構成之後各自還在

    The team consists of A and B in the school.

    [ A.B 構成之後各自還 在]

    So this sentence I would like to suppose as the following:

    Water is mede of hydrogen and oxygen.

    [ hydrogen oxygen 構成之後各自不在 ]

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