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synovial sarcoma removal from right calf and medistinal lymph node presence?

My wife was operated for synovial sarcoam(tumor) on her right calf on august 28, 2009. bone scan was clear but in xray and ct scan there found at least two medistinal lymph nodes (metastatic). what is the stage. if it is curabe and what is the proper treatment.

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    The proper therapy now would be to consult your oncologist.

    As per the stage grade the therapy needs to be decided.

    In your wifes case

    Surgery for the remaining two metastatic masses and

    Chemotherapy are recommended and radiotherapy may be indicated.


    1. The synovial sarcoma is one of the less senstive malignancies to chemotherapy.

    2. If their is any clinical trial I would recommend your wife to participate. Kindly, enquire any cancer hospital.

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    The stage is IV-A (reference below). It is a serious cancer, and I am not an oncologist. I assume you have one? Has she begun treatment?

    Feel free to email me. I am an MD, just not an oncologist.

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