i need some new music!?

im trying to make a playlist with a new and good mix of songs. i want something from different genres. i feel like i only know the top songs! help!?

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    this sounds like my kind of question!

    CDs i really enjoy:

    All Linkin Park CDs

    "Alright, Still" by Lily Allen

    "Is This It" by The Strokes

    "Show Your Bones" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    "Flyleaf" by Flyleaf

    "Parachutes" by Coldplay

    I'm really into older songs these days, particularly from the 80's but here's a list of songs i really enjoy lately:

    "Atlantic" - Keane

    "A Bad Day" - Keane

    "Thats What You Get" - Paramore

    "Fences" - Paramore

    "Death Letter" - White Stripes

    "De-Luxe" - Lush

    "Jynweythek Ylow" - Aphex Twin

    "Cosy In The Rocket" - Psapp

    "Automatic Stop" - The Strokes

    Clair De Lune - Debussy

    "Wraith Pinned to the Mist" - Of Montreal

    "FCPREMIX" - The Fall of Troy (my fav!)

    "Stockholm Syndrome" - Muse

    "Talk Show Host" - Radiohead

    "Forfeit" - Chevelle

    "Head over Heels" - Tears for Fears

    "Shout" - Tears for Fears

    "Don't Panic" - Coldplay

    "Golly Sandra" - Eisley

    "Tiny Vessels" - Death Cab for Cutie

    "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning" - Smashing Pumpkins

    "Scentless Apprentice" - Nirvana

    "Exit Music (for a Film)" - Radiohead

    "Go With the Flow" - Queens of the Stone Age

    "Black Math" - The White Stripes

    "Name" - Goo Goo Dolls

    "Dont Dream It's Over" - Crowded House

    "Spirits in the Material World" - The Police

    "Africa" - Toto

    "(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight" - Cutting Crew

    "Time After Time" - Cyndi Lauper

    "I Melt With You" - Modern English

    "Threesome" - Fenix Tx

    "All That I've Got" - The Used

    "Gone Daddy Gone" - Gnarls Barkley

    Whew. Ok. I'll stop bombarding your answer page with songs. I just really love music. Don't know if you could tell.

    Another suggestion is to listen to Pandora.com a lot. That always helps me find new music.

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  • 3 years ago

    Most of those might be defined as "screamo" All That Remains Annihilator Anterior As I Lay Dying Avenged Sevenfold Bullet For My Valentine Chimaira Disturbed Dope Drowning Pool Escape The Fate Five Finger Death Punch Guns N' Roses Iced Earth Iron Maiden Linkin Park Machine Head Marilyn Manson Metallica Motorhead Mudvayne Murderdolls Nevermore Nocturnal Rites Pantera Rage Rise Against Saxon Slayer Slipknot System Of A Down Underoath Unearth

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  • 1 decade ago

    specifiying genres would help

    in R&B: New Edition, Toni Braxton, Usher, Aaliyah, Brian McKnight, Alicia Keys, Ginuwine, Deborah Cox, Ne-Yo, Mary J Blige, Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Maxwell, Faith Evans, Donell Jones, Ciara,

    All these artists have multiple albums and hits to pick from....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Parliament, any song from the album Mothership Connection. The best funk you could ever listen too.

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  • 1 decade ago


    papa roach: all songs

    billy talent: surrender, redflag

    seether: breakdown, fake it, careless whisper

    shinedown: sound of madness, devour, second chance

    hip hop:

    drake: still fly, congratulations, do it now

    kid cudi: dat new new, man on the moon, day n nite

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