Would a 68w have a 100% chance of attending ranger school?

and would I be able to complete college online while deployed as a Ranger?

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    The only thing that is a 100% is that there is no such thing as 100%. But your chances are pretty good. If you have the drive and determination to go to college then yes you can. I finished 15 credit hours during a 12 month deployment.

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    Ranger School does not make anyone a Ranger.

    If you want Ranger school, then try and enlist with a Ranger 68W contract, or apply for RIP while in AIT.

    Then after 68W AIT, you attend RIP, an 8 week pre Ranger course used to select new members of the Ranger regiment.

    Then you would attend the 27 week Phase l of the SF medical course.

    If you pass that, you are assigned to the Ranger regiment.,

    Then in 6 months to a year, you will be sent to Ranger School.

    2, If you go to a regular unit as a 68W, it will be very hard to get into Ranger School, you would most likely have to reenlist to get your command to give you a slot.

    3. No, you will not have alot of time to take college class's, maybe one online class each semester.

    NOTE: 68W is not a wheeled mechanic

    68W is Healthcare Specialist

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    In all honesty, a 68W probably has a lesser chance of getting to attend ranger school than many other MOS's. This is because it costs a unit money to send one of their soldiers to ranger school, so if they don't need to send you, they probably won't.

    The only way you can get an assurance of getting to go would be to get the Option 40 in your contract which says you can go to ranger school.

    However, you should know that merely going to ranger school does not make you a ranger. It is actually passing the Ranger Indoctrination Program that makes you a ranger.

    If you are not in a ranger battalion and graduate ranger school, all that will happen is that you will go back to your unit with a ranger tab, but you cannot call yourself a ranger.

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    Nobody has 100% chance of attending Ranger school. That's a privilege, and a hard one to get (or so I've been told.) Even if you made it into RIP, you probably wouldn't pass. Even most who pass don't make it into a Ranger Battalion.

    And completing college online in any MOS is difficult, as one that is primarily Infantry based I'd say it's even more difficult.

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    FIRST There are two paths to Ranger School.....You can apply to attend the school or you can try to go through the Ranger Regiment (RIP)

    SECOND Neither of these avenues are open to a wheeled vehicle repairer..... best of my knowledge there are very few vehicles indigenous to the Ranger Regiment and no vehicle repair facility

    THIRD Ranger is an Infantry skill..... they do not waste time and money on training people in non-Infantry MOS's.....You must change your MOS before you can even apply.....and even then you must compete with other people for these valuable school slots

    FINALLY.... I would say MOS 63W would have ZERO chance of attending Ranger School

    NOTE: You are correct 68W is a Healthcare Specialist.....my error.....BUT IT IS STILL NOT INFANTRY ..... and my answer is still valid

    As to not being a Ranger if you are not in the Ranger Regiment.....BULL$HIT..... The honor graduate from my Ranger class was a Marine and I dare you to tell him to his face he is not a "Ranger"...... I challenge you to show me ONE official Army document that stipulates that you are not Ranger unless you are in the Regiment..... There are thousands of Rangers that never had the chance to serve in the Regiment..... who died doing Ranger operations.... and you are going to tell their family that they were not "true" Rangers......

    The members of the Regiment are excellent troops.....they have vastly more experience that non-Regiment Rangers

    BUT......you never do yourself honor by denigrating others..... if they graduated with tab.....they are RANGERS.....

    Source(s): Ranger.... Airborne ......Green Beret
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    you can enlist for ranger in your contract but if you don't pass the first time that maybe your only chance

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