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how long until swordtail fry grow or any fry.?

i have just had swordtail fry a week ago and some are getting bigger when until their bigger than the parents to eat and when will they reach full size!!!

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    Swordtails grow at different speeds depending on the temperature of the water, the quality of the water, and the quality and frequency of the food they're given.

    My swordtail fry are able to eat all day long whenever they're hungry. They are kept in water that is 80 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The water does not have too strong of a current and is very high quality (no ammonia or nitrite, low nitrate).

    In these conditions, my fry are big enough to not be eaten by their parents at one week of age. I keep them in their net box (about 10 inches square in length and width and 6 inches deep) for an additional week, though, to make sure that they know how to hunt food. I release them into the main tank at two weeks of age. They have grown quite a lot by that time. At 6 to 8 months of age, they have their own children.

    The speed at which your fry grow could completely different, though. If you keep your fry in colder water with poorer quality, it could take them twice as long to grow. The main thing to remember is that even though they are bigger than the biggest fish's mouth and technically can't be eaten, the fry need to be able to hunt their own food and not get tired in a current before you can release them into the main tank.

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    Swords take a lot of time to mature. I have one fry that is 1 1/2 years old and still is smaller than the adults.

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    The fry are often approximately 3/4"-a million" at 3 months and are out of threat through then. Do you have a planted tank for the fry to cover in? or maybe a secondary tank to head them to? lots of the sexing is super at 3 months. I relatively recommend you get some small plant life on your tank for those babies to cover out in.

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