Can someone help me make a list of books?

I wondering if anyone can name me 10 books that are fiction, that share the same theme (not genre), and 10 books that have been written in the same historical peroid, again it must be fiction. Thanks in advance

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    10 fiction books on pirates and sailors:

    "Treasure island" by Robert Louis Stevenson

    "Sandokan: the tigers of Mompracem" by Emilio Salgari

    "The son of the Red Corsair" by Emilio Salgari

    "Long John Silver" by Bjorn Larsson

    "The king of pirates" by Daniel Defoe

    "Pirates!" by Celia Rees

    "Captain Mary, buccaneer" by Jacqueline Church Simonds

    "The witch from the seas" by Lisa Jensen

    "The secret sharer" by Joseph Conrad

    "Mater and commander" by Patrick O'Brian

    10 books written in (you did not want "set in", right?) the same period - the 1940s. All fiction:

    "1984", as well as "Animal farm" by George Orwell

    "The little prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    "Evil under the sun" by Agatha Christie

    "The plague", as well as "The stranger" by Albert Camus

    "The man without qualities" by Robert Musil

    "Reflections in a golden eye" by Carson McCullers

    "A tree grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith

    "The pursuit of love" by Nancy Mitford

    "I capture the castle" by Dodie Smith

    "The sheltering sky" by Paul Bowles

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    Well, let's see . . . an easy theme would be that of figuring out who you are and your place in the world, that would allow you to use coming of age type books, but also allow you to look at a number of historically important books.

    harry potter and the sorcerer's stone, Catcher in the rye, red badge of courage, Frankenstein (arguably), the amazing power of asher fine, master of the five magics, Weapon, American Gods, Good Omens, One foot in the grave.

    as far as a list of books that are contemporaries of each other? no clue.

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