Urban wear stores in Canada?

What are some good urban wear stores (for men) in Canada?

Also I'm going to get new shoes soon, what would be good? I was thinking of converse maybe..


I`m near montreal but there are plenty of stores that are in more than one city so it doesn`t matter I can just discard stores that I can`t find

Update 2:

and urban wear just means street wear

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ermm i went to canada [not montreal tho] and there's this really cute store called urban planet which is kinda like an urban outfitter here in the us. im not sure about the stores in canada but i've heard they have primark, topshop, zara, h&m and stores like that maybe if u havent u can check them out.. if they have any american stores try a hollister or abercrombie store i personally dont like them but u might...as for shoes converse a good but be careful because sometimes the might make your feet look too big, try some vans, dc's maybe osiris..Pumas adidas it all depends on how u like to dress =)

    hope this helps ;)

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    1 decade ago

    um... which part of Canada? Say, someone points out a store in Calgary, and you're in Halifax. Are you really gonna drive all that way for some "urban" wear?

    Isn't urban wear just a politically correct word for black people clothes anyway?

    Canada is almost 5,000Km across. You gotta be more specific as to WHERE, in Canada, and maybe you'll get a better answer to your question.

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