Why do some Americans pay attention to what foreigners tell them?

Seriously....foreigners, no matter what, will always degrade our nation.

Here's an example:

We aided England after WW2 more than $30 billion in aid (Marshall Plan) to reconstruct their country after it was completely destroyed by the bombings of the Axis. The people had no money, the government had no money, so America stepped in to modernize them. Yet the people of Britain still have anti-American views.

Moral of the story: We can give these countries a bizillion dollars but they'll never support us. To hell with them. Let's focus on improving America.

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    Seriously... it just saves us so much time. Many other nationals that I have known say much the same thing, "It's their arrogance". (followed closely by their ignorance). You believe everything American is by its very nature, better. Look at your cars: bigger, but not better. The Japanese will show you how.

    I've met and worked with many Americans; they feel ashamed of many of their compatriots.

    Never in the history of communication has one nation talked such bo**ocks so consistently. "Foreigners" will correct your glaring inaccuracies.

    Re Marshall Plan:

    1) Between 1948 and 1951, the USA gave financial aid totalling $13 billion into the economies of Western Europe. A fraction of this went to Great Britain (not England). All of this money was paid back at an exorbitant interest rate.

    2) The country was not "completely destroyed", as you stated. Very little damage was done to the infrastructure. The rail, road, canal, & air communications were intact. Power generation was almost untouched. Coalmines did suffer due to lack of investment. The housing stock did suffer. About 1 million homes were damaged or destroyed. Most of the damage was superficial. Allied bombing did more damage in 2 or 3 raids on Germany. More people died in the UK in traffic accidents than by enemy action. (Something like 43,000 c/f 51,000).

    3) The UK government had no money because they spent most of it making US armaments manufacturers rich. That may be why the US gets involved in so many "foreign" wars. See Eisenhower's 1961 speech on the Military Industrial Complex.

    Americans don’t believe foreigners. We can’t all be liars now can we? When people from 30 different 1st world countries say, “We get better health care than you, and it’s cheaper”, try testing the evidence. Americans who have lived abroad will tell you the same thing. They don’t catch lying by living in Europe. I have British & Canadian friends living and working in the US. They’re not liars either.

    Despite your appalling murder rate, you think the solution is more bloody guns. Wake up and smell the smoking barrel.

    Your “freedom” or lack of controls on your financiers has led to the present economic disaster. Canada warned your bank tossers for 3 years about “due diligence”.

    Worst of all you call football “soccer”. Look at YA Sport section. About 211 nations call it football not “soccer”. There will be a football World Cup in South Africa next year. In 2007, 204 countries started in the qualifying rounds. How many countries partake in the “World Series”? Call your ridiculous gridiron aberration something else other than football: armourball, collisionball, American Rugby, TV-Adball, et al.

    When you launch unprovoked wars, try to ensure that your politicians can at least point to “Foreignistan” on a map.

    When you do travel abroad, follow the local rules. I’ve just spent 2 weeks cycling in Holland, and Germany. The locals shout in English at tourists who walk or stand in the designated cycle paths. When I asked why, the Dutch told me that they’re nearly all American tourists.

    Liberal is not a term of abuse in foreign parts. We think “conservatives” are reactionaries who wish all things to remain as they were in some mythical golden era.

    State run health care is not “socialist” any more than state run schools, roads, refuse collection, fire departments, armed forces etc.

    I could go on but I feel a bit guilty because my ancestors burned down the Whitehouse.

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    I am encouraged by the answers from some of the people here who are obviously American. It reassures me that not every American is an ignorant redneck.

    So for the record. A couple of points that Americans need to learn.

    America did not win the first world War, the British Empire did. We are very grateful for Americas contribution (turning up shortened the war by about 6 months) but the whole shooting match was essentially over, the German Army was on it's knees as was the French. The British Army was in good condition and would have forced a German surrender in 1919. Thanks anyway.

    America did not beat the Germans in the second world war, the Russians did. They killed 6 million German troops (losing 30 million in the process) and drove Hitlers back a couple of thousand miles.

    America did not save the UK. Britain saved itself during the Battle of Britain when the RAF fought off the Luftwaffe and prevented an invasion. America did contribute by selling us stuff. Cheers for that.We acknowledge the moral debt that we owe you and are grateful for your aid, but we don't owe you a damn penny.

    The British are not Anti American. We were anti George Bush, but we consider America our friend. Occasionally Friends do stuff you don't like and you have to tell them, but that doesn't mean you have to stop being friends. A friend will accept criticism that is given out of concern for your welfare.

    If you want to focus on improving America that's great. You could start by providing decent health for the poor. After all if every other developed nation can do it, surely the richest country on the planet can manage it. Rather than shoot down Obama's plan try coming up with one of your own.

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    The Marshall Plan involved LENDING Britain the money, which was finally repaid in the 1990's. You didn't give us a thing. Also, the deal was that if the USA entered the war, we would dismantle the rest the Empire, allowing the USA to become undisputed superpower-except the Russians kind of screwed that up.

    I'll tell you what-the day the USA stops poking its nose into the affairs of other countries (you know, invading them, bombing them, backing insurgencies, removing leaders, applying economic coercion, assassinating leaders etc), then you can whine about the rest of the world not having an opinion. Until then, the world has every right to point out the MANY failings of the USA's foreign policy.

    Source(s): the USA is the world's leading terrorist naton.
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    According to a BBC documentary last year, the real story was that the US did not want to lend us the money, they were quite reluctant to the deal...it was only after some 'begging' that eventually the US accepted, and took advantage of the situation demanding huge percentages of interest..the debt was only paid last year...but not many are aware of the negotiations that happened behind close doors

    LINK:The Americans gave us a huge level of debt for the post war years, and only entered the war after being attacked by Japan. Alan, Islington Text: With friends like the US who needs enemies? News.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/question_time/3225336.stm

    I like and dislike some in all groups, religions, countries, even my own. I still love your country and the people in it. Hopefully I can make it back again in the next few years to visit. People all over the world (yes, America too) really just need to cool it, stop hating, and start to respect each other a little more. Drawing these lines and saying that country x y or z is crap and cursing them out is only going to hurt everyone in the future as the world gets smaller.

    The election of Obama has restored my faith in humanity, and I voted for him in my heart...like so many others across the world... not only for being the 1st black president, but because of his charisma, background and most importantly his love not only for his country but for all...of course he's not perfect but...

    Hopefully, he will live a long life, he is got many enemies within the country... willing to do anything to recover power. He seems to be a true humanitarian, a man that unlike Bush and his exclusive unilateral agenda, is restoring relationships with world leaders by having an inclusive agenda, he is a good listener... so you can see that people do not degrade your nation for the sake of doing it, they also praise it when there are reasons for it... Globalisation and not americanisation is what will inspire us all to live and share our planet earth...at the end we all are citizens of the world.

    Long live Obama:)

    Source(s): LINK:The Americans gave us a huge level of debt for the post war years, and only entered the war after being attacked by Japan. Alan, Islington Text: With friends like the US who needs enemies? news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/question_time/3225336.stm http://www.johnpilger.com/page.asp?partid=300 http://www.naomiklein.org/articles/2009/06/schwarz... http://www.naomiklein.org/articles/2008/10/bailout... http://www.naomiklein.org/articles/2008/09/free-ma...
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    I do not believe that the questioner knows what he is really talking about!

    Right at this very minute at least 10 British soldiers a week are being killed in a war that is really America's War!

    Let us be honest!We would not be in Afghanistan if Osama bin Laden and his band had not humbled America's pride of being immune to terrorism by toppling the Twin Towers down!

    The trouble with Americans is that they only only want to hear the good things about America whilst they 'slag' off other countries!

    It must not be forgot that the British gave America the secrets of the jet engine in which they built up a thriving industry!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Focus on improving America - you already did that and look where it has got you - oh yep - in debt to the tune of $trillions to the Chinese and fighting a "non-winnable war" which you have dragged a large part of the world into. But hey just give us a sign and we (along with your other allies) will withdraw our troops from the "sandbox" quicker than you can say "Y'all have a nice day".

    Really it is people like you and your deluded rant buddy above who give Americans a bad name around the world - and if when living/visiting other countries you display the same manners, courtesy and respect to them that you continually do on here - well no wonder you get a hard time. You would do well to remember "you do not go into somebody's home and trash it along with their family".

    Do you get it? No - I didn't think so given the infantile level of your education. Go play with the traffic on the freeway - preferably a busy one!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Aiding in the rebuilding of Europe was both generous and in America's self-interest. It doesn't mean we bought them and can expect them to act like our slaves. Sometimes listening to the opinions coming from outside the country gives you a better picture of what's going on inside the country. I hope you're a young person because I'd hate to think that an adult American has such a short-sighted view of things.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If 95% of the world things we are an aggressive nation and threat to world peace, than it's probably true.

    And here is our government and morons like you who try and masquerade our wrong doings by talking about Iran, and North Korea.

    Over the past 50 years our government has caused more conflict and instability through out the world than any other nation. We spread Democracy so they claim, yet we overthrow governments and implement dictators. Iran and Pakistan are prime examples.

    We also are for respecting the sovereign of nations yet we tell them how to run their country down the barrel of the gun.

    Our government is a Imperialistic war horse, and when Americans support this believe me I really do lose faith in my country. If our founders were alive today this government wouldn't last a second longer.

  • 1 decade ago

    Wow you sound like a nationalist with your generalizations.

    i bet it is also a foreigner degrading our nation when they tell us that Europe suffered the same economic woes we are suffering as a result of open trade regulaitons, causing their need for ncreased social programs in the 50s to deal with the milions unemployed huh?

    if an idiot wanted to give me money does that mean I have to think of him of any less of an idiot when i take it?

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