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Continental Airlines or United Airlines?

Is there any specific reason you would chose one over the other. Also, i hear that continental will be going out of business soon, is this true?

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    Continental Airlines hands down.

    According to friends who work for United, United plans on announcing a big announcement on December 1st. Since Continental is joing the Star Alliance on October 25, my friends are very sure that means that Continental and United will announce that they are going to merge a month after Continental's transition from SkyTeam to Star Alliance.

    If a merger is approved by the government, the United name will most likely be kept as it is a legacy carrier name. United has always wanted a presence in the New York area and Continental's large hub in Newark would be perfect for control of this important market.

    Source(s): Insiders who work at United.
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    Continental was rated higher than United in terms of best legacy carrier in the United States. Also Continental Airlines will be a member of the Star Alliance so people flying Continental can earn United Airlines miles. As for the airline going out of business, I do not know where you heard that but the airline will not be going out of business. Yes, the airline is losing money but they are not in such a position that they will go out of business.

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    I've only traveled Continental a handful of times, and had two bad experiences. I usually travel United, just because it's the main airline out of our small airport, and have been happy enough with them. Never a big issue, never bad service. There's nothing great about them either though.

    Earlier this year Continental was named as one of the financially stronger airlines in the country. So I don't think they are in danger of going out of business.

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    Most definately, Continental. Continental is coming back, the stock is going up after laying off 2500 people in 2 years. No, Continental is here to stay. It has the newest fleet of all US major air carriers. You get meals at mealtime.

    Source(s): I worked for Continental and was one of the ones laid off, but I still love Continental and would fly them. After going thru flight attendant, reservation training, I see just what all this airline puts into their efforts and I give them an A+.
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    continental. I havn't heard about that but probably not. I hate United Airlines.

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    Continental and they are not

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