DEAR PERSIANS/IRANIANS , What's the Logical Way to get our votes back?

Hello everybody , How was your day ?

I have a question , can you help me with it ? and feel free to say anything you want . We are Civilized people . and we are here to discuss about our dissension with each other .

and here's the question :

What's the best way to reach our Goals?

I think going out and protesting isn't the logical way to get our votes back . it just leads us to death without any Good outcomes for us .

I know Going out shows our disagreement and shows that we don't support this government , But who cares about us ? we have to make us free ourselves .

what do u think about it ? How can we do it ?How can we make them to respect us ? just with protesting ? What should we do ?

Any ideas ?

Thank You in Advance

And Dear non-Persian , please don't report this Q and its answers for being in other Languages , We are in red alert condition . thank you .


@ The First Dragon : It's really good to see you care about our protests , thanks .

Persian X: i didn't see your question .so sad it got deleted .

I Hope non of these answers gets reported .

@ SAE : i agree that the main problem is somewhere else , but I can't just forget it , 'cause It matters for me , my dream was democracy , I had to try to reach it in Legal ways . and Voting was the first step to walking in this path . so I Want my dream back .

Update 2:

@ The First Dragon : It's really good to see you care about our protests , thanks .

Persian X: i didn't see your question .so sad it got deleted .

I Hope non of these answers gets reported .

@ SAE : i agree that the main problem is somewhere else , but I can't just forget it , 'cause It matters for me , my dream was democracy , I had to try to reach it in Legal ways . and Voting was the first step to walking in this path . so I Want my dream back .

Update 3:

Sorry , I sent it twice .

and now :

@ observant : you're really lucky ;-). 'cause I was responsing to your answer but my damn PC restarted , but I will try to rewrite it , so don't worry .

I didn't like your first paragraph , 'cause you don't know anything about me and my thoughts and you're judging me ?!

it seems that you didn't get my main question i asked how can we reach our goals . and I hoped you know that taking our votes back in this situation is just possible with a major change in everything .so I'm talking about what you are answering , I won't be satisfy with just my vote in my pocket now , I want everything .

and I have to say , I didn't vote to Mousavi , I voted for Mr. Karroubi , but it doesn't matter now .

But thanks to rest of your answer .

Update 4:

@ Observant : sorry Dude . nemikhastam narahatet konam , age narahat shodi , sharmande . >:D<

vali dar morede inke Age rayhamuno pas begirim Mousavi rayis jomhur mishe man shak daram , vali ziad mohem nist dige in .

@ everybody :manzuram az pas gereftan e ray ine ke hughughe az dast raftamuno pas begirim . vagar na har kasi midune ke pas gereftane ray tu in sharayet momken nist magar ba tagheer nezaam be ghole "Free my land"

@ Free My Land : hagh ba shomast vali rahe hal chie alan ?

@ negar : man na khaste shodam na chize digeyi , faghat donbale inam ke bebinam shoma baraye inke be hadafatun beresin , naghshehaye digeyi tu saretun darin , ya na , faghat mikhayn berizin tu khiabuna o mokhalefate khodetuno neshun bedin be jahanian ;-)

@ Trout : thanks . good answer .

Update 5:

@ Anahita & everybody : Tamame harfe man ine ke in harekat va jonbesh yek enghelabe fekri hastesh , injur enghelab ha hazineye bishtari migiran va zamane bishtari tul mikeshan ke javab bedan va jame'e ro baraye pazireshe yek hukumate bar payeye mardom salariye motlagh amade mikonan . va intor enghelab ha zury va ba talghin surat nemigire . pas bayad hame be ye jayi reside bashan ke avvalin chizi ke tu zendegiye ruzmarrashun barashun moheme , khodeshun nabashe, avalin chizi ke behesh fekr konan , azadi bashe , chon vaghty azadi bashe , jame'e pishraft mikone va eghtesad roshd peyda mikone o ehsase rahatiyi ke shoma goftin be vojud miad , pas age ina ro tahammol konim, naslaye bad ya omidvaram hamin nasle ma az manafe'esh estefade mikonim .

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  • Massy
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    I'm kind of clueless like you. I think this is the main question that even politicians don't have any accurate answer for it.I only think that in this period of time there isn't much to be done we're gonna reach to our goal (the real democracy) when almost the whole country is ready for it, not only a part of it. As long as we are ready to accept anything in the name of religion and we are not aware of our rights and we let others to decide on behalf of us we can't find the democracy. Don't loose your hope and be patient. It takes time.

    @ Trout : I don't know if you are Iranian or not but I should tell you that your suggestion is not practical for Iran because our government is very rich. We have OIL and the money goes directly in their pocket not us!! Actually this is one of our major problems!! They are independent of the taxes and people.So guess what happens if we don't pay the taxes?!! They're gonna cut our water,electricity,gas,telephone

    .....Again we are the ones who suffer!!

    @ observant : sohbat az pardakht nakardane maliat bood va man eteghadam in hast ke in kar nemitoone zarbei be dolate Iran vared kone. vaghty hame sazman haye keshvar mostaghiman dar ekhtiar dolat hast ghodrate mardom oonghadri nist ke betoonan beheshoon feshari vared konan. dar morede etesabe sarasari ham nemishe chandan omidvar bood. ki mikhad etesab kone? karmandaie ke hamashoon ye joor vabaste be hamin nezam hastan?! kasaie ke hamashoon ba sahmiye haye hamin dolat tahsil kardan, madrak gereftan va hala ham estekhdam shodan va be post o magham residan? alan dige bakhshe dolaty aksaran daste in ghabil afrad hast. gheshre kargari jame ham ke kam ettela hastan va ba dadane kami pool va reshve be samte oona migardan. mikham begam oonjoori ham nist ke be in sadegi kamareshoon beshkane. bayad ye meghdar amigh tar va gostarde tar fekr kard. Nemigam omidvar nabashim vali nabayad ham entezar dashte bashim ke be hamin sor@ oon etefaghi ke ma doost darim biofte. Tool mikeshe.

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  • Ellen
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    What we have here is an awesome display of Democracy and its tremendous power in action. Each one of these answers is offering great ideas and information, although some maybe easier to see, but to benefit the full potentials each has to offer , they all must be studied, understood and finally combined together. It's true that to have a better society requires the positive change of it's members. But once that goal is achieved the new and better society or country needs to be protected at all cost, because unless the human being as a whole is fully civilized, every good and civilized nation is in danger of being over run, by others who may not be. And great harms/set backs could be forced upon by enemies, like it has many times in Iran's long and volatile history. I posted 2 links below but the first link is actually a part of the second, it's a map that amazes me every time I see it. I could only imagine all the knowledge, intelligence, hard work and sacrifices it took to achieve, but I know that it should have been protected with extreme vigilance. We can't change the history, but we can learn a great deal from it to do what's necessary now, for a better future. Regards.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, that's a good question, but I have to disagree with you a little. Protesting in streets is one of the important ways of stating our dissatisfaction. In fact, by physical presence we say that we don't accept this government and that elections. Our parents still remember the 1979 revolution well; at least one of the most important keys in the victory was huge demonstrations and protestings.

    But I accept, this isn't the only way, we should act logically and with an efficient plan for the future. Maybe we can defeat them with the same way they defeated shah in 1979!

    Dige bishtar az in rastesho bekhay nemitunam benevisam. Vali be surat e sar baste begam ke yeki az za'f haye ma alan nadashtane rahbare ke mardomo hedayat kone.

    Albate alan ham dare karhaye khubi dar sathe beinolmelali mishe. Masaln filmsazanemun ke filmhayee ba mozue entekhabat va havadesesh be jashnvare haye mokhtalef mibaran, ya tarane hayi ke be surat haye rap, pop va anvae digar khunde mishe (!) ya tajammo' hayi ke dar joloye sazman e melal ya amakene moheme dige anjam mishe,... har kodum mitune asare mohemmi dar mobarezatemun dashte bashe ke omidvaram tadavom peida kone.

    Dar kol ham shayad nashe alan entezare yek piroozie zoodras ro dasht. Ba in vaz'e ma be nazar miyad bayad tu yek dore zamanie tulani be fekr e mobareze va piroozi va... bashim. 30 sal pish ham ke khod ina pirooz shodan, dar vaghe' az sale 42 shorou kardan va 57 be natije residan; 15 sal!

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  • 1 decade ago

    In my opinion, the main problem is a lot of Iranians are not aware of the fact that the rulers of this land are nothing but dictators. They really adore them & think they're heavenly creatures or God's messengers.

    I totally disagree with street protests & think they just atrophy our power. I'm an English teacher & try to broaden my students minds as much as I can. If we think alike, we'll be more reunited. That's the way we can be hopeful to make our utopia in Iran.

    Source(s): United we stand, divided we fall
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  • 1 decade ago

    I am not Persian, and I honor your situation.

    Protesting in the street is only a beginning. It allows you to show solidarity with each other, and dissent from the government. It shows that you have brains and courage.

    It is only a beginning, of course.

    To get your votes back, you have to be organized. You have to have good people, and lots of them, who are capable of running the government when you vote them into office. Running a country takes a lot of skill. Besides skill, you want leaders with integrity anc courage. Times are turbulent.

    Some of the most important work will be taking place in secret, to avoid arrest.

    Yet there has to be enough openness that the Persian people know for whom they are voting.

    You have my prayers.

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  • Amir
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    The logical way is to avoid acting like THEM!

    Man ba A-N mokhalef budam bekhatere dorughash, eshtebah gereftane tafakkore maz'habi ba tafakkore khorafi, va a'male bedune fekr va hayejanish! Bar ax, tarafdare sarsakht (na moteasseb)e Mousavi budam chun ham edareye doroste mamlekat ro balade, va ham ba vojude piri adame aram o manteghiiye.

    Amma tu in moddat moteassefane az hamun shabe avvale elame natayej, az tarafe tarafdaraye Mousavi va Karrubi hamin a'male Ahmadinjadi sar zad: name ja'l kardan az vezarate keshvar be khamenei, amaraye zeddo naghiz az natayeje entekhabat sakhtan, rikhtan tu khiabun o vakoneshhaye hayejani az khodeshun neshun dadan, karaye ahmaghanei (ba arze mazerat) pishnahad dadan mesle roshan kardane hameye vasayele barghio ina.... jadidan ham dar morede asl o nasabe yahudie A-N, Mesbah, Asgaroladi, va baghieye sarane zedde mardom shaye'e sakhtan. age ma ham bekhaym hamun raveshhaye ghalate A-N va tarafdarash ro edame bedim, pas farghe ma ba una chie? vaghean liaghatemun andazeye raeisjomhurie A-N nist?

    fekr mikonam bayad amuzeshe dorost zendegi kardan, amuzeshe hambastegi dashtan va negah be digaran be jaye negah be khod, va anjame doroste karha va mas'uliyatha ro be digaran bedim. man be onvane moallem morattab daram sai mikonam vazife shenasi va ayandenegari ro tu kelasam be daneshjuam tazakkor bedam, va in ke age har kodam az ma (bedune tavajjoh be in ke digaran dorost be vazayefeshun amal mikonan ya na) sa'i konim kare khodemun ro ba ehsase vazife anjam bedim, shayad natijeye fori va kutah moddat nadashte bashe, vali ayandeye khubi baramun dorost mishe.

    Source(s): my LOGIC
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  • Negar
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Harki khaste shode ya khodai nakarde chize dige beshine negah kone,harkiam mese man khaste nashode kotakesham khorde hanuz kam nayavorde edame bede,harki har rahi ke dust dare o dorost midoone bere,fekr nemikonam lozumi dashte bashe kasi nazare kasio avaz kone ya raveshe khodesho tojih kone. in requeste sazman melalo HARKI DUST DARE emza kone:

    (kheili khoshhalam hanouz adamai mese "free my land" hastan ke ruye harfi ke 2-3 mah pish zadan hanouz mohkamo ba poshtekar vaysadan,vaghean ghabele ehterame)

    Source(s): Mr.Karoubi`s supporter
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't want to get back my vote. Man rayamo pishkeshe nezam mikonam ke har estefadeye tablighati mikhad bokone. Nojavooni va avale javoonimoon too in keshvar talaf shod, ya poshte konkoor, ya too daneshgah hayi ke alaraghme zahmate vared shodanesh bi savad miam birun, ya badesh be donbale kar. Man faghat mikham ayandamo dige az dast nadam, hamash tu ezterab....hamash delnegaranie farda.....chand darsad az shoma ha ye kar darid ke motabegh ba shane tahsilatetun hast, kari ke betunid mostaghel zendegi konid bedune vabastegie mali be pedar va madaretun....

    raye man ke be Mousavi bud hedye be nezam, aramesh va khoshbini be ayande behemun bedan, agar nemitunan, beran va bezaran in mellat hadeaghal yad begire che tor zendegio bayad talafoz kone...ta key.....yek ruz enghelab, ye ruz jang, ye ruz edam, ye ruz entesabat, ye ruz mousavi, ye ruz ahmadinejad, ye ruz eslahat, ye ruz eterafat, ye ruz energye atomi, ye ruz holocaust, ye ruz felestin, ye ruz lobnan, ye ruz melate hoshyar, ye ruz khaso khashak, ye ruz tajavoz, ye ruz shekanje.....pas key nobate mardom mishe....

    Source(s): I'm just tired of everything
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  • 1 decade ago

    Forget about it.

    Look, those people are powerful and can do everything they want. You don't want to mess with them ;)

    Plus it doesn't make any difference whether A-Jad is president or not as he is only a puppet. The problem is somewhere else, the absolute power is someone else.


    wow Annahita vaghean gol gofty =)

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  • Saj
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Dige khaste shodam az in harfa.... khaste o daghoon ....

    mage chand sal omr mikonim ke hamash too esteresim....

    velesh kon. ahmadi ke khodesh ba kolang be joone regime oftadeh beshin baghal o kharab shodanesho tamasha kon...

    Bebin baradare man inaee ke mian too khiyaboona(ke khodamam jozveshoonam) bayad ghabool konim ke dahak haye paeen jame'e nistand!! ala raghme inke dar bishtarin feshar gharar darand, va ta vaghti harkati az sooye oona nabashe hich etefaghi nemiyofte.

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