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LeSean McCoy or Darren Sproles for Fantasy Football?

Should I keep LeSean McCoy or pick up Darren Sproles for my Fantasy Football Team? Trying to think long term throughout the season since I have 2 healthy starting RB's.

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    If you're going to start one, I'd go with Sproles. He'll get plenty of touches regardless of how LT does. If you can keep the player on your bench, tale McCoy. He has better upside in my opinion. If (when) Westbrook gets injured he could score a lot of fantasy points.

  • By far get Sproles, try and stay away from rookies unless its Knowshon Moreno or Beanie Well, so a no on McCoy, Westbrook is still the man in Philly unlike in Charger Land where LT has clearly lost another step or two

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    i have LT and i picked up SProles because LT is injury prone and has lost a step or two. McCoy is a waste. so is beanie wells. the ARI Offense air it out not ground and pound, he doesn't get enough touches

  • Ellen
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    4 years ago

    I'd go with sproles

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    umm wow lesean mccoy desnt evan really play

  • 1 decade ago

    pick up sproles because L.T. is injury proned

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