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Do you think some wrestling fans only hate a certain wrestler because everyone else does(more inside)Explain?

I mean like John Cena, he has a lot of haters but their reasons are "Cuz he only has 5 moves" "He's ugly" "He's overrated" , isn't that ignorant.

Same with Jeff Hardy , people only hate him because he can't wrestle properly & has a drug problem. The guy puts his life on the line to try & entertain us.

Im not saying to go ahead & be their fans , Im saying that we should have our own opinions about wrestlers & not be influenced by others opinions. Don't you think some wrestlers deserve respect that they should get ?

BQ : Who has been the most entertaining guest host to you so far ?

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    Two words:

    Fitting in.

    A lot of words:

    Yes, I do think that people just say they hate a certain wrestler just to get along. Honestly, I was like that. I pretended that I hated John Cena and Jeff Hardy (the two people you mentioned). But then I got tired and said to myself... Why am I hiding my opinions? One's opinion is just as good as another's.

    Let's look at the arguments you stated that people use to hate on John Cena: -I'm not saying you hate him-

    "He's ugly" isn't even a good argument to convince me to stop liking him. We're dealing with wrestling, not looks.

    "He has five moves". I only have one thing to say to that: Really?...

    "He's overrated". How about Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker and all other Major WWE Superstars. I don't know why, but there's something about John that make people hate ONLY on him.

    Now for the Jeff Hardy arguments...: -again, I'm not saying you hate him-

    "He's a druggie". His life outside the business doesn't relate to anything he does inside the business.

    "He can't wrestle properly". Come on! Really? He's just a high-flyer, but just a bit more extreme...

    I respect any wrestler. If I hate them in real life, to me, it means I'm making fun of what they do for living.

    BQ: I'm more of a promo/segment fan rather than actual wrestling. So for the most entertaining Guest Host, I'm gonna have to say Bob Barker. He was hilarious at the beginning "The Price is RAW" segment with Chris Jericho. Sergeant Slaughter was good too with his Anti-Canada attitude. Heck, I'm Canadian and I loved it!

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    I think it does play a big role in certain generally held opinions with wrestling fans, the herd mentality leads them all to think alike and share the same weak reasons for disliking a wrestler but i don't its the main reason. The main reason to me is a lack of understanding, people complain about certain wrestlers lack of wrestling ability but the moment you talk about a talented mid card wrestler who doesn't get the hype of a Shelton Benjamin and they say "He's boring" So what exactly do these people want? If they want people that can wrestle why aren't more people behind William Regal, Jamie Noble, Kozlov ect.?

    Maybe its something to do with the WWE hype machine as well. The WWE build up certain stars with the way the commentators talk about them, Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison for example, and the more the fans hear it the more they believe it and want them to be a world champion but the moment they become one the fans notice that they maybe not as good as they have been led to believe and they struggle with certain aspects of being a top tier wrestler. It happened with John Cena, its starting to happen with Randy Orton and i bet John Morrison is the next to go down this road.

    Does any of this mean wrestlers should be hated the way they are by certain fans? No not even close. Liking or disliking a wrestler should be on performance and little else for me, if you don't find them entertaining/interesting there is nothing wrong with that but people wish injury and dead on wrestlers and that's just inexcusable behavior. They are human beings, they aren't rapists or pedophiles just "bad" wrestlers how can anyone reason wanting them hurt or dead for that? Its just wrestling it's not that damn serious, do you think people wish Tara Reid dead for her bad acting when she was in Scrubs? Comments of that nature are what give wrestling fans a bad name with those who don't like wrestling, the hate shown towards performers makes us all look bad, a basic show of respect by all of us to all wrestlers would make us look a lot more mature while being wrestling fans.

    I blame the hype machine pushing the wrong people and people believing it until it wears thin and the herd mentality for general opinions share and the lack of respect which perpetuates even more childish and questionable opinions towards certain wrestlers.

    BQ: Dusty Rhodes for me was the most entertaining, his segments with DX where brilliant but also his role in the final part when he turned on John Cena it really was an all round performance.

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even do it too sometimes when I'm at a live arena and caught in the moment. I occasionally boo the faces. But I don't HATE any wrestler. I just can't. You have to respect anyone who puts their bodies and lives up just to simply entertain the fans. As for me, I can't really see too many flaws in Cena. Definitly not anywhere close to what people hassle him about. He has great mic skills. So what if he is PG. That's his character. Don't blame Cena blame WWE for making him be PG. Cena is just being a great employee and doing his job. As for Jeff, I see why people critisize him. But still, Jeff doesn't deserve ALL the hate he is getting.

    BQ: Personally I think Sgt. Slaughter. He was entertaining, was in the right place, at the right time. At first I was not happy he would guest host, but he did a phenominal job. He played an amazing heel. He even got the first WWE @sshole chant in years. Slaughter = entertainment.

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    Yea people tend to join the bandwagon.Cena sucks or Jeff is a druggie.Than you see people liking the popular wrestler cuz somebody else likes him i don't know how many times i have seen chris jericho's pictures in people's profile.I mean i know he is a great wrestler but there is no way so many people like a heel so much but hate a babyface to the core.

    I hate only bret hart.I respect him.I know he is one of the best wrestlers ever.I don't think he sucks.I just can't stand him whining on and on about **** that everybody has forgotten about.

    I dislike Batista.Not because he botch's moves or any other ****.I just dislike that he is always in the world title picture even when he isn't in the feud.I ain't calling him a hogger because more wrestlers do it.

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    Actually, I believe that ALL wrestlers deserve respect. As you have mentioned for Hardy, they ALL put their bodies on the line to put on a show for us fans. But just because we respect someone, doesn't mean we have to like them...

    For Hardy, I'll say it... I respect him because of what he did in the ring (just like I respect all wrestlers). How is "can't wrestle properly" or a "drug addict" NOT a good reason? Well, the "can't wrestle properly" is my reason for not liking him. He's held the World Title twice, while his brother...who is the better wrestler, has held is zero times. Not to mention, when he promo'd, it was literally painful to watch.

    But sure, I do agree with your other statement. I think there are plenty of people online who just like to follow others. There are a good amount of people on here who don't like Hardy or Cena, because others don't like them...they just follow the bandwagon.

    Also, calling someones opinion on Cena ignorant is a little harsh. As the saying goes; opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has them, and most of them stink. I'm sure you have some hatred towards some wrestlers, that some may consider ignorant... Would you like to be called ignorant?

    You and I are friends, please don't take this to be is not meant to be that way at all. This is just the way I feel...

    BQ: IMO Ted Dibiase.

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    thats probs the case. but i like most wrestlers except for a few that i genuinely hate like Randy Orton and Big Show. But you see people dissin Jeff Hardy and John Cena for the reason that they just like to bash wrestlers and make themselves look tough and be like a part of a group of Cena or Hardy haters. Like Cena and Hardy can wrestle but no one gives them a chance they are just all the time booing wrestlers coz tehy have nothin better to do.

    BQ: Shaq was def the best IMO

  • i actually defend john cena and not even being a fan he has done alot in a short time and i stated last night in another question that sayin you hate cena because he only has 5 moves is stupid excuse to dislike esp when he has 13 in his moveset as stated on wikipedia and i am aware that wikipedia is sometimes false but those list moves i have seen him use in his entire career and 3 out of those 13 moves he dont use anymore so tecnically cena has 13 but use 10 of those moves.

    Jeff Hardyi respect him as a wrestler and i am one of those people that bash him for his current drug use not that im on some childish bandwagon i have my own reasons i cant stand the fact that if it was any other wrestler with a drug problem they get sh*t on but when jeff hardy gets busted people says not to bash but support him and im like think why support jeff hardy when alot of them bash anybody else on past drug use and i dont think jeff is more special then rest and needs special treatment that no other wrestler gets the fact is when it comes down to it onlything that can support jeff is jeff himself nobody can help and support jeff we are not his parents he has to help himself cuz only he can make his own decisions when it comes down to it i respect the wrestler but not the man

    BQ:alot of people choose trish but i dont think she was all that good that night she was talking slow and not hyped at all like she was having stage fright or something so i gotta go with SGT. slaughter he was all hyped up that night and played a good heel to all the canadian fans and was packed with alot of good matches and one of the best raw events in a long time

  • Yes!, The WS is like a High School. Everybody follows the Latest trends with one another, and have their little cliques. Bashing a Wrestler (And there Fan Base) on here is the equivalence of bullying & ridiculing someone in School. It will get you noticed and get you popular amongst everyone in the "Cool" Scene. Some really don't even follow their own Mind Path's, They just go along with what everybody is saying, Just to fit in. Crowd Pleasing is a Fad around here. To me about 65% of the WS is followers and The Other 45% go by there OWN opinions and thoughts and don't really care about getting BA's and Thumbs ups, There just here to give there own Theory and Viewpoint of a Question or Situation, And go down the Path of being there own Individual. I guess some Users don't like being Unique, the want blend in with everybody.

    BQ: Tie between Ted Debiase & Bob Barker IMO, All though Shaq was entertaining.

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    Yes,i agree with this john cena thing. few person started it and has grown from the internet . eventhough he would still be overrated he is good star and good wrestler. btw did u see i quit match was awesome. I sttarted to hate jeff hardy when he got suspended last year for the frug thing and has been an idiot since only extreme move i have seen him do is swanton which he bots so many times

    best guest host- by far best was shaq

    trish stratus


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    Taka Michinoku WQ- Jericho screwed up at the end because he turned his head too early for the twist of fate, making it look like a neck breaker.

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