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Will Janet Gretzky buy the Phoenix Coyotes after Miami covers 4 point spread?

The Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation was up in the air. On one side, some guy wants to move it to Hamilton, Ontario. On the other, the NHL would buy the team to keep in in Phoenix. A judge was set to decide the franchise's future within the week BUT.......

Janet Jones Gretzky, is flush with cash after a three-team parlay last night on the Miami Hurricanes, Kansas City Royals and the Indiana Fever of the WNBA put $200 million into her bank account. Will she buy her Husband's team?

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    None of this can go down until they pry Rick Tocchet out of his Ice Capades Snoopy costume and he sets the line.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes and then she'll hire Tocchet away from the Ning to make it one big happy family.

    She bet on the Royals?It's amazing Wayne didn't go broke.

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    she better buy us if she want wayne to still be getting overpaid for being with this team, if not gretz is gone and so is his rediculous contract, thank god.

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    nope he will divorce her and take half of what she has and buiy the team himself..

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