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Devin Hester or Michael Jenkins Week 2?

Should I start Devin Hester against Pittsburgh (without Palomalu) or Michael Jenkins against Carolina?


Lars, I think you might have Michael Jenkins confused with Michael Turner the RB. Jenkins is a WR so if Carolina has a good pass rush that works against him. But good answer anyway. Thanks

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    Michael Jenkins against Carolina.

    Carolina has a decent pass rush, but got embarrassed in the air by Philly last week.

    Even though Polamalu's out, the Steeler's pass rush will get to Jay Cutler, meaning lots of rushed and incomplete passes, making Hester a non-factor.

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    Completely disagree with the Jenkins call.

    With Troy out, Cutler will be able to go deep. No one-handed INT's this week.

    Hester is their deep receiver, as evidenced last week on his lone TD reception.

    Not too sure you can go too wrong with either one this week, though.

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    Hester has more upside this week. They will run it with forte to get the playaction to work and when it does TD Hester.

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