I have a small oil leak, should I try synthetic/high mileage?

I drive a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville SSE.

It has the stock 3800 V6 engine.

It has close to 130,000 miles on it. It has been well taken care of its entire life.

I have a very small oil leak. In fact, in 3000 miles between oil changes. Every time I go they tell me that I am still topped off just fine. But every couple weeks the oil spot in my driveway gets worse and worse.

I have asked the people at the place I get my oil changed about synthetic and honestly they were a little to excited about my considering putting synthetic in my car. It almost sounded like they were excited that I was going to spend more money rather then they were happy to help.

Anyway, has anyone else had this problem? Have you tried synthetic? Did it help?

The other option is to find the bad seal, and replace it, however I know that if I do that, in a 11 year old car the bad one will be replaced and I will very likely spring a leak somewhere else so I don't really want to do that. It will cost way more then an oil change.

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    no you should not change to a synthetic. Synthetics may have the characteristics of a 10-40 or 5-20 oil but what they dont have is the viscosity, the thickness. If you have a leaky seal the synthetic will run out even faster than the organic oil. With 130k on the engine I would just use a stop leak additive. Some of them actually work. Synthetic oil is too expensive to be pouring through a leaky seal and onto your driveway.

    And you should learn to do your own oil changes. It's not that hard and is always cheaper than having it done.

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    Synthetic Oil Leaks

  • Matt
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    1 decade ago

    No! Do not switch to a synthetic, especially if you have an oil leak as it will get worse when you switch because synthetic is thinner than regular oil. Bars has a "Rear Main Oil Seal" leak fix. I would try this and then go from there.

  • Alex
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    yes switch to synthetic but do it yourself for $20 at wal-mart rather than taking it to a garage where they may charge you an arm and a leg i know they wanted to charge my mom $50 just for an oil change that's insane as oil changes are very easy i recommend valvoline 5000 or 7500 mile synthetic this is what i used and if you change it every 3000 miles it will actually help clean out your engine

    Source(s): i used to own a '94 ford ranger and i had the same problem plus leaky valve seals this oil works great and if you start to burn oil which you probably will soon add a can of RESTORE with every oil change you can buy a can of the V6 formula at wal-mart for $8 but it's worth it it stopped all oil burn and most of the leak (reduced it down to a dribble
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    the synthetic will make the leak worse as synthetic flows better, get the seal replaced is your best bet and then you can use synthetic oil if you so wish.

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    yep u should change it call a mantinicne man

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    change it

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